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A little over a month remains until the NBA trade deadline, and OG Anunoby is the first of several high-profile players who could be transferred prior to that date. One of the more noteworthy players to monitor is a Raptors teammate.

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In light of this, foxsports.com.au examines ten of the most enticing teams to monitor prior to the trade deadline, as well as the speculation that certain league insiders have regarding which players may be involved in the action.



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Given that the Raptors have already exchanged OG Anunoby, the Chicago Bears appear to be in a position to determine the extent of activity surrounding the trade deadline this year.

In recent seasons, this group has endeavored to maintain a competitive edge and, more significantly, to persuade itself that they still possess sufficient competitiveness to remain at ease.

But for the time being, it appears that the Bulls are destined for another mediocre campaign devoid of significant advancements; therefore, the logical course of action would be to maximize the value of some of their trade assets while constructing for the future.

This commences with DeMar DeRozan, an All-Star who is in the last year of his contract. DeRozan possesses the type of talent who could contribute significantly to any contending team. Although the Chicago Bulls might not obtain the desired return, this would be an improvement over losing him in free agency for nothing.

Zach LaVine, a teammate of DeRozan’s, seems to be the more probable candidate to be traded prior to the trade deadline, despite the fact that the Bulls will face complications due to his contract situation.LaVine’s contract has approximately $180 million ($A268m) remaining for the next four years, and interested parties are “reluctant” to negotiate with the Bulls, per Yahoo Sports’ Jake Fischer.

According to Fischer’s sources, even the Lakers, who have been extensively linked to LaVine and are as desperate as anyone for a roster shakeup, have “indicated a reluctance to accept” the contract.

Veteran Alex Caruso, a high-level defender who is ready to go, is anticipated to generate considerable interest prior to the trade deadline. He is the type of high-level, plug-and-play defender who would enhance any contending roster immediately.

Marc Stein, an NBA insider, stated last month that the Chicago Bulls are “completely opposed” to trading Caruso prior to the trade deadline. This is consistent with Shams Charania’s report that the team has “shut down” trade requests for Caruso.Despite league sources informing Charania that “two teams” had expressed interest in trading for Caruso, this has not occurred.


NBA news 2022 scores, results, LeBron James shoe incident, James Harden  assists, Josh Giddey statline, highlights

The Raptors were the other obvious sellers prior to this year’s trade deadline, and after trading OG Anunoby to the Knicks, there is still a good possibility they make additional transactions.

Following the Anunoby trade, Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reported that Toronto would further consider trade possibilities involving Pascal Siakam.

This aligns with the assertions made by Jake Fischer of Yahoo Sports, who stated that league personnel are “certainly ready for a Siakam trade to occur in the same fashion.”

Further complicating matters, at least for those teams that are rumored to be interested in Siakam, is the fact that he will turn unrestrictedly free this summer after serving out his contract in its final year.

This indicates that a club considering a trade for Siakam would likely only be willing to invest significant resources if they had substantial assurances that the veteran would be re-signed following the transaction.

Siakam could be extended by the Raptors for an additional four years and a total of over $190 million ($A282m) through June 30; however, they would be precluded from trading him for a duration of six months.

Regarding potential trade partners, they are reportedly limited to offering him a two-year extension, as the December 30th deadline that the Raptors and Siakam’s side had agreed upon has passed.

Marc Stein, an NBA insider, speculates that it is improbable that a team that acquired Siakam through a trade would have a practical opportunity to extend him immediately.

Stein wrote in his Substack, “Word is Siakam, if dealt, is unlikely to sign off on a two-year extension and would rather proceed to unrestricted free agency… meaning that any team that trades for him now must be willing to roll the dice.”

Several teams, including the Hawks, Pacers, Kings, Pistons, Grizzlies, and Mavericks, have been linked to the Siakam sweepstakes. However, according to Stein, one source advised him that Dallas’ interest was exaggerated.

Los Angeles Lakeràs organization

Although the Lakers’ victory on Monday alleviates some of the pressure, it is still indisputable that they must take action before the deadline, especially considering their (hopefully favorable) injury records thus far with LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

This must initially resolve the offensive woes of the team, most notably its poor three-point shooting.

The Lakers appeared, at least on the surface, to have made astute decisions during the summer by augmenting their outside shooting in the vicinity of James and Davis. However, Gabe Vincent’s injury has rendered L.A. vulnerable in that regard.


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