49ers Nick Bosa Sends Strong Message to ‘Excited’ New Teammate

The front line of the 49ers defense has a fairly good bond since they are a team that has been built on star power and a willingness to work together. The group has improved since San Francisco brought Chase Young into the fold around the trade deadline three weeks ago, and Nick Bosa, the center of the group, wants Young to remember to bring the fire.According to 49ers Web Zone, Bosa told reporters, “Just having him out there is really good energy.” “He is thrilled to play outside. In the game, he wants to obtain those crucial repetitions. And when he or I put pressure on each other, it appears like the other guy cleans it up after we’ve finished talking about what we’re going to do before the play.
Prior to Thursday night’s crucial game in Seattle, the 49ers have cleaned up a lot in their last two games following three mishandled games on both sides of the ball and a three-game losing streak. That also has a good deal to do with the signing of Chase Young.

The 49ers have tightened up, giving up just 508 yards in their last two games after giving up 1,186 yards in their previous three games of defeat. In those two games, they’ve committed six turnovers while giving up just 17 points.Additionally, after having just five sacks in their previous three games, the 49ers have recorded nine in the last two weeks. Bosa has accounted for 2.0 of those sacks, while Chase Young has accounted for 1.5.

49ers Nick Bosa


This year, Young’s much-improved play is continued by the string. Young had nine quarterback hits in seven games for Washington, along with fifteen tackles. With five sacks, he was well on his way to surpassing his career best of seven sacks. Young was perfect if the 49ers wanted to relieve pressure on top pass-rusher Bosa, as the two were Ohio State teammates.“He was a real big brother to me, I think, when I came in at Ohio State,” Young told NBC Sports Bay Area. “For young men who just go in, the bullets can fly quite fast from high school to a place like Ohio State. Nick seemed to have welcomed me with open arms. He taught me everything he knew, you know.According to Chase Young,

Bosa really took him under his wing while he was a member of the Buckeyes and helped him hone his talents to the point where both Young and Bosa ended up being selected second overall in the NFL draft.“When I got to O-State, Nick Bosa kind of catered to me,” Young told NBC Sports Bay Area. “I believe he was aware of my skill when I first arrived, as I was able to adapt and learn things just as fast as he did. I had the impression that he had taken hold of me and was saying, “Come here, I’m going to teach you how to be a great player.”

The San Francisco 49ers have added a former starter from the Baltimore Ravens and Las Vegas Raiders to their roster, causing them to make several roster changes. The Niners needed a fresh acquisition due to an injury to cornerback Terrance Mitchell, and they are calling up veteran corner Anthony Averett.

49ers Nick Bosa

On August 3, San Francisco made the roster changes public, but they withheld the identity of the injury that put Mitchell on injured reserve.

The 49ers of San Francisco declared that CB Anthony Averett has signed a one-year contract. The organization placed CB Terrance Mitchell on the Injured Reserve List to free up space on the roster, according to the team’s official website.

After spending the previous few seasons bouncing around the NFL, Mitchell signed with the 49ers in free agency this year, and he was hoping to secure a roster place. It’s a sad defeat for Mitchell. The 31-year-old cornerback won’t be able to play in 2023 as a result of being added to the Injured Reserve List.

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