Aaron Rodgers at Lambeau? Packers’ 2024 Schedule Taking Shape

Lambeau Field with Aaron Rodgers? A Schedule for the Packers in 2024 Is Taking Form

The schedule for the Green Bay Packers’ 2024 season is beginning to take shape, and Aaron Rodgers may make his way back to Lambeau Field.
BAY OF GREEN Wisconsin – On the Green Bay Packers’ schedule for the National Football League in 2024, Aaron Rodgers might make his way back to Lambeau Field.

Currently, there are two games left on the calendar for this year, and the schedule for the following year is beginning to take shape.

The majority of the timetable has already been fixed. In the year 2024, the Packers are scheduled to visit both the NFC West and the AFC South. The last 14 of the 17 games are home-and-home contests versus their NFC North rivals, in addition to the regular home-and-home games.
The remainder of the program is determined by the finish of the division. The Packers are now in third place in the NFC North heading into their game against the Minnesota Vikings to be played on Sunday night. This means that they would compete against the teams that finished in third place in the NFC South, NFC East, and AFC East.

Aaron Rodgers at Lambeau? Packers’ 2024 Schedule Taking Shape

The NFC South is a mess, and the New Orleans Saints are now in third place in the division. The New York Giants currently hold the third spot in the National Football Conference East. Third place in the AFC East is held by the Jets, which are led by Rodgers.
Rodgers stated this during his weekly interview on The Pat McAfee Show. “Obviously, it would be fun to play at Lambeau,” he remarked. “That would be an exaggerate. In addition, it would be enjoyable to play at Soldier Field, given I have enjoyed a fair amount of success there over the course of my career.

Due to the fact that the Bears are one game behind the Packers with a record of 6-9, the Packers have the potential to finish in second, third, or fourth place in the NFC North. The Vikings and Packers both have records of 7-8. As a result, there is a great deal at stake for the Packers, as they are scheduled to finish the regular season away at Minnesota on Sunday night and then take on Chicago at home the following weekend.
The matchup between Rodgers and Jordan Love in 2024 would be very similar to the matchup between Rodgers and Brett Favre in 2009. In the second year, Rodgers would face Love, who would be the starting quarterback for the Packers. In the same year, Rodgers would face Favre, who would be the starting quarterback for the Packers.

Aaron Rodgers at Lambeau? Packers’ 2024 Schedule Taking Shape

The Vikings defeated the Packers by a score of 30-23 at the Metrodome in Week 4 of the 2009 season. The eighth week of the season marked Favre’s return to Lambeau Field. All in all, he was jeered at. Violently. When he entered the field, each and every time. It made little difference; Favre completed 17 of 28 passes for 244 yards and four touchdowns, winning the game for the Vikings by a score of 38-26.
“There were some cheers, without a doubt; there were also some boos heard. In his words to McAfee, Rodgers said, “He played lights out.”

As things now stand, the Packers would face seven teams that are anticipated to make the playoffs. These teams include the Detroit Lions, who have won the NFC North twice, Jacksonville, who would lead the AFC South, Indianapolis, who would be the AFC wild card, San Francisco, who would win the NFC West, the Los Angeles Rams, who would be the NFC wild card, and Seattle, who would be the NFC wild card.

GREEN BAY Wis. – The Green Bay Packers’ 2024 NFL schedule could include Aaron Rodgers’ return to Lambeau Field.

With two games remaining in this year’s schedule, next year’s schedule is starting to crystallize.

Most of the schedule is predetermined. In 2024, the Packers are set to play the NFC West and AFC South. Along with the usual home-and-home matchups against their NFC North rivals, that’s 14 of the 17 games.

A schedule that is subject to change is presented below.

NFC North (home and away)

Detroit Lions: 11-4; 1-1 this year

Minnesota Vikings: 7-8; 0-1 this year and will play Sunday night

Chicago Bears: 6-9; 1-0 this year and will play in Week 18

Packers Home Games in 2024

San Francisco 49ers: 11-4

Arizona Cardinals: 3-12

Indianapolis Colts: 8-7

Houston Texans: 8-7

NFC South (corresponding finish; New Orleans Saints are 7-8)

AFC East (corresponding finish; New York Jets are 6-10)

Aaron Rodgers at Lambeau? Packers’ 2024 Schedule Taking Shape

Packers Road Games in 2024

Jacksonville Jaguars: 8-7

Tennessee Titans: 5-10

Los Angeles Rams: 8-7

Seattle Seahawks: 8-7

NFC East (corresponding finish; New York Giants are 5-10)


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