Angel Reese Highlights Double Standard in Ja Morant Coverage

When it comes to the coverage of Ja Morant’s behavior, Angel Reese draws attention to the double standard.
Barstool Sports has been accused of having double standards in their coverage of Ja Morant in comparison to how they represent white players, according to Angel Reese.

Say Cheese! published two xweets from Barstool on X/Twitter on the beginning of the first week of January. An image of Quinn Ewers, the white quarterback for the Texas Longhorns, celebrating a score was included in one of the posts. It is possible to observe Ewers making gun movements with his hand and firing into the crowd while he is celebrating. This is what the sports account typed: “Quinn Ewers is having a good time.” In the second post, Ja Morant was shown performing the exact same celebration; however, the tone of the sports account was different.

They typed, “Ja spraying imaginary bullets into section 113 after the slam,” which stated the situation.

The outlet was called out for their double standard after Reese became aware of the differing tones that were being used. “Lol, I’ve seen this before,” she typed in a surreptitious manner.

The standout athlete for LSU makes reference to the fact that the media applied the same double standard to her as they did the previous year.
During the entirety of the March Madness tournament in 2023, Caitlin Clark of Iowa celebrated by making taunts specifically directed at other players. On the other hand, when Reese had triumphed against Clark, she continued to tease him in a lighthearted manner; however, her actions brought about a reaction.

Angel Reese Highlights Double Standard in Ja Morant Coverage

In particular, Barstool Sports provided significant coverage of the exchange and frequently referred to the Lady Tigers as “villains.” In addition, the sports publication characterized to Reese’s celebrations as “mocking” the Iowa superstar. However, it was during this game when Barstool made its clear biases known to the audience.

After further research, it was discovered that the account had tweets that suggested the referees were cheating for LSU. In addition, the publication lavished numerous compliments onto Iowa and Clark, while Reese and the Lady Tigers received the most of the coverage that was unfavorable.

Dave Portnoy, the creator of Barstool Sports, even xweeted and deleted a post in which he referred to Reese as a “classless piece of sh*t” for taunting Clark, which Caitlin did to Reese throughout the game.
“The referees in the LSU vs. Iowa women’s national championship need to be investigated for this technical called on Caitlin Clark while letting [LSU’s] Kim Mulkey act like a damn toddler on the sideline,” they tweeted at the time. “They should be held accountable for their actions.”

In April of 2023, after her team had successfully won the championship trophy, Reese discussed the double standard that existed at the time. During her post-championship news conference, the “Bayou Barbie” discussed her accomplishments. She increased the intensity of her actions and proclaimed that the situation was “bigger than her.”

In her explanation, she stated, “Caitlin Clark is without a doubt an incredible player, but I do not take disrespect lightly.” Additionally, she showed lack of regard for Alexis and South Carolina, both of which are still my SEC girls. There is no way that any of you are going to show them disrespect.
“The newly crowned world champion said, “I am not unhappy.” “I mean, during the entire year, I was criticized for who I was. The story does not fit me in any way. The box that you all want me to be in is not one that I can fit into. I’m quite a hood. Too much of a ghetto. You have been telling me that during the entire year. On the other hand, when other people [taunt], you all remain silent regarding it. So, this is for the girls who have a similar appearance to mine.

Angel Reese Highlights Double Standard in Ja Morant Coverage

After calling out Barstool Sports for their response to two players celebrating in the same manner, Angel Reese, a forward for LSU, found herself at the forefront of social media trends.

Quinn Ewers, the quarterback for the Texas Texans, executed a celebration that was comparable to the one that Memphis Grizzlies guard Ja Morant utilized when he hit a highlight-worthy dunk against the New Orleans Pelicans on December 26. This celebration took place during the Sugar Bowl loss to Washington on Monday night.

However, Reese brought attention to the fact that each was characterized in a different way.

The following is an excerpt from the article that Barstool wrote about Morant: “Ja spraying imaginary bullets into section 113 after slam.” Following a series of instances in which he displayed a firearm on social media, Morant was given a 25-game suspension for conduct that was harmful to the league. This came after he returned from his suspension.

The celebration of Ewers was posted on the same account under Barstool Sports, and it was accompanied by the message, “Quinn Ewers is having fun.”

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