As Jayden Daniels Repeats Joe Burrow’s Miracle, Olivia Dunne Chimes In With Her 2-Cents For LSU

Olivia Dunne, a star player for LSU, has been an ardent fan of the LSU Tigers. Livvy has always been a cheerleader, whether she is at a gymnast’s game or applauding a fellow competitor’s accomplishment. The highest-paid female NCAA athlete turned out in support this time around as LSU Tiger Jayden Daniels won a title fit for the school’s annals.

As Jayden Daniels Repeats Joe Burrow's Miracle, Olivia Dunne Chimes In With Her 2-Cents For LSU - EssentiallySports

Daniels won what Sports Illustrated refers to as “America’s most prestigious award” in college football on December 9. Following the announcement, Olivia Dunne, who was anticipating the precise findings, was unable to contain her joy. Livvy posted her excitement on Instagram, supporting a fellow athlete.

Olivia Dunne cheers on fellow LSU Tiger

Olivia Dunne celebrates success of LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels after Heisman Trophy win | Marca

The Heisman Trophy winner, Jayden Daniels, was declared on Saturday. He became the third player in the LSU program and the second quarterback to win the prized trophy after winning. The other two individuals who framed the esteemed list were Joe Burrow and Billy Cannon. Sharing an ESPN post, Olivia remarked, “IT’S ALWAYS BEEN THE TIGERS.” The congrats message honored the program by combining the characteristics of the most recent LSU winners.

Olivia had stated in her earlier post that she was waiting for the LSU Tiger to win the award because of Jayden’s incredible season records. Her last story read, “Jayden for Heisman!!!” as the country awaited the outcome. The LSU Tigers quarterback carried the aspirations of the university and more after winning the Walter Payton Player of the Year Award, the Davey O’Brien Award, and other honors in recent weeks.

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Jayden Daniels left Arizona State in 2022 to work for coach Brian Kelly at LSU. After that, he passed for 40 passing touchdowns and 3,812 passing yards. “A quarterback transfer into your program must succeed in the locker room, and you achieve this via your work ethic. He demonstrated humility and selflessness on a daily basis, which is how you do it, Kelly added. After his incredible performance, Daniels was awarded 2,029 points and 503 first-place votes.

In his winning speech, Daniels remarked, “This is a dream come true.” To get the prize, he defeated wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. of Ohio State, quarterback Michael Penix Jr. of Washington, and quarterback Bo Nix of Oregon.

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