Avalanche Game 33: Depth vs. Stars Plus/Minus

Avalanche Game 33 Plus/Minus: Stars Vs. Depth

It’s time to examine the advantages and disadvantages of the Colorado Avalanche’s game against the Senators. Like any game, there are benefits and drawbacks.

+ The Stars

Right now, Nathan MacKinnon is playing like a crazy man. Valeri Nichushkin may be performing at a level comparable to or higher than what he did during the 2022 Stanley Cup run. Indeed, Mikko Rantanen is still scoring big goals and collecting points despite not having the same appearance as those two.
The Avalanche are fortunate to have this trio as they are the ones keeping them afloat at the moment. Respect the stars the team possesses; ninety-five percent of the league would kill for players they could depend on and put on the ice for extended periods of time. Is Colorado currently relying too much on this trio? Without a doubt, and Jared Bednar is aware of this, he is making the necessary efforts to ensure that his team returns home with two points.

– The Depth

Do I believe they were all struggling? Not at all. Unlike the other lines, the Wood/Colton/Drouin trio had some offensive opportunities, but they were unable to convert.
The truth is that the Avalanche are only producing from their top line at even strength, and you can tell the coach is growing impatient.
“Additionally. I must see more. However, our goal is to win. If I have to, I’ll play him for 39 minutes.”
When I asked Bednar what he needed to see in order to stay away from playing a guy like Nichushkin for 29 minutes a night, that was his response. It’s possible he’s let GM Chris MacFarland know up front that he needs assistance. The GM can definitely see it with his own two eyes as well. It’s easier said than done to make a big move right now, given the salary cap and the current roster freeze, but that quote almost sounded like a plea to the GM – I need a top six forward.

– The Second Period

This part is basically what I’m copying and pasting into every Plus/Minus post-game article.
It was unfortunate that the Avalanche did not finish the first period ahead of schedule because they came out swinging. They appeared to be the superior team as they outscored Ottawa 19–9.
When the second period began, the roles were entirely the opposite. They created roughly half as many shots as they did in the first half, and they suffered terrible pinches in the neutral zone and odd-man rushes to both sides. And all of this against the Eastern Conference’s bottom-dwelling team.
“The second was appalling. Bad. Strange man rush after strange man rush in the opposite direction.
Bednar is aware of the problem because he didn’t back down following the game. I have no idea how to explain it anymore, and I would love to not withhold a section of this article after every game for it.

+ Georgiev

He conceded four goals, the fourth of which was really awful, in my opinion, but he had to make save after save to keep the Avalanche in the game.
Colorado gave up a 2-on-1 in less than 30 seconds after giving up a breakaway at one point in the second quarter. He put an end to both. He made not one, but two absurd left pad stops on Tarasenko during a late powerplay. It was a major difference in the game, and I’m not even sure how veteran goal scorer Tarasenko missed one of those opportunities. Georgiev was at the top of his game in the third quarter as the team continued to commit penalties and made a crazy blocker save in the final three minutes.
Four goals is not ideal, but I’m more concerned about the team giving up more than 40 shots to a bottom feeder.

+ Sam Girard Joins The Team Again

Although I’m not sure when Girard will return to the field, it’s wonderful to have him back on the team. It was evident that his teammates were also relieved to have him back. I hope he’s doing well and that everything with the Players Assistance Program has gone smoothly for him. I believe it’s evident that the Avalanche have missed him a great deal on the ice.

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– Sam Malinski

That was one of those games where you go, “Yep, that’s a rookie defenseman,” but it was inevitable.
Some defensive zone errors, a couple of penalties (one of which he had to take after committing an extremely ugly turnover). Young defensemen in the NHL play these kinds of games; you just have to learn from it and move on.

+ Makar Returns

Cale Makar struck me as dynamic during the first period. He looked great, nearly scored on his first shift, and minutes later made a ridiculous stretch pass to spring Ross Colton. He appeared a little rusty for the remainder of the game, but it’s important to have him back.
That is, assuming it took him long enough to recover.

– Rycroft Drinks From The Wrong Cup

I have to give credit to Mark Rycroft because I would have lost it and started throwing up right away. Not only does he not throw up, but he also gets well enough to return to the broadcast in less than a minute. What does this say to me, you know? He has previously taken sips from a cup in a similar manner.

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