Bills have obvious problem after huge win over Patriots

The Buffalo Bills are riding a four-game winning streak as they head into the season finale against the Miami Dolphins this coming Sunday.

The winner of the game on Sunday will be proclaimed the champion of the AFC East, which will ensure that the Bills will have a spot in the postseason. Due to the fact that they have a record of 11-5, the Dolphins have already clinched a selection. Buffalo would be eliminated from the playoffs if the Bills were to lose this game and both the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Pittsburgh Steelers were to win; in order for Buffalo to qualify for the playoffs, one of those two teams would have to lose.

Therefore, in order to prevent a catastrophe, Josh Allen and his team need to get out to a strong start against Miami. In light of the fact that they will be participating in playoff football on Sunday, like they have been doing for the past four weeks, they need to be fully prepared and ready to go from the very beginning.


Bills have obvious problem after huge win over Patriots
Bills have obvious problem after huge win over Patriots


The fact that the Bills have not gotten out to a strong start in either of their most recent two games is the primary problem. Indeed, they have been so slow that the team has fallen behind early in games and had to dig itself out of holes in order to recover and earn the much-needed dub it has earned.

“I was just off – just trying to find a rhythm early [and] couldn’t seem to find one,” Josh Allen said after the Bills fell behind by seven points early in the game against the New England Patriots. “I was just trying to find a rhythm early.” “In the third and fourth quarters, it felt like we got into a little bit of a groove.


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” We have to get off to a better start than we have been. Throwing incomplete pass after incomplete pass is never a pleasurable thing to do, and we just need to figure out a way to get our guys more involved in the game from the beginning… In spite of the fact that they did a good job of rushing and, in essence, having me feel some things at my feet, the timing was a little off. The situation is as simple as that. Furthermore, they displayed a strong defensive coverage.

Bills have obvious problem after huge win over Patriots
Bills have obvious problem after huge win over Patriots

When the Patriots returned the first kick for a touchdown, they scored their first touchdown just a few seconds after the kickoff. It took the entire first quarter for the Bills to regain the lead, and who knows how much longer it would have taken if the defense of the Bills hadn’t forced three turnovers in the first fifteen minutes of the game?

In spite of starting drives at the Patriots’ 21, 14, and 30-yard lines, the offensive department of the Bills was only able to score one touchdown.

“[It was] one of the longest quarters I’ve ever been a part of,” said Allen further. “You know, three possessions in the first quarter.” And we only managed to score one touchdown, which is not enough for us to be satisfied with. There is a need for us to improve our readiness in order to go there and earn six and seven points. In addition, we were fortunate once more, and our defense performed incredibly well.



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