buccaneers star claps back at ‘dumb fans’ after likely final game in tampa

It is possible that Buccaneers linebacker Devin White has played his final game in Tampa Bay. His crazy 2023 season very well encapsulates his turbulent up-and-down career so far. White has played his final game with Tampa Bay. Coach Todd Bowles has employed White in a way that is essentially equivalent to that of a platoon part-timer this season. Although White has not always been pleased with this arrangement, he has still managed to produce some excellent performances. During the Buccaneers’ final game, which was a playoff loss to Detroit, White played only 14 snaps; hence, he did not participate in many amazing moments. He was not involved in many impressive moments.

On one of the plays when he was on the field, the Lions scored a touchdown, which prompted a fan to comment on Twitter/X that the Buccaneers “PUT DEVIN WHITE SORRY A** IN AND GAVE UP A TD and that they should be ashamed of themselves.” Patrick Queen, a star player for Baltimore and a former linebacker with White at LSU, responded by saying that White “Wasn’t even on him dummy.” Queen was White’s former linebacker.

buccaneers star claps back at ‘dumb fans’ after likely final game in tampa

At that moment, White retaliated against the fan by pointing out that he was the one responsible for the reduction in coverage. “They have no concept of special coverage, brudda, which is why I refrain from replying to these moronic a** fans,” he explained. I performed what I was supposed to do and got three stars over the top! Anything that comes over my face is fair game. I adore you, number six.”

If that is how White’s tenure in Tampa Bay comes to an end, then perhaps it is in a manner that is appropriate. During his early years with the Buccaneers, his gambling approach contributed to the strengthening of the defense. Following his selection by the Buccaneers in the fifth round of the 2019 NFL draft, he went on to become a star and make significant plays for the squad that Tom Brady led to the Super Bowl in 2020. As a first-year player, he was responsible for three fumbles as well as two touchdown runs. It was during his second season that he achieved career-highs in tackles (140), sacks (9.0), and tackles for loss (15), and he was selected to the second team of All-Pro players.

buccaneers star claps back at ‘dumb fans’ after likely final game in tampa

From that point on, however, his output has decreased, and despite the Buccaneers’ hopes that he would develop into a more reliable defensive cornerstone, he has instead continued to be a gambler whose risks have not been successful as frequently as they could have been.


During the course of this season, White was plagued by a foot injury that caused him to miss three games, which was the source of the dispute. Despite the fact that this interpretation of the events has been called into question, it was claimed that when White was ready to return to the game, he was advised that the team would continue to use K.J. Britt as the starting quarterback and that White would be coming off the bench. As a result of White’s refusal, he ended up sitting out the game, which proved to be an excellent victory over the Packers at Lambeau Field.


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