Colorado’s Deion Sanders doubles down on a bold college football playoff prediction.

Deion Sanders, a player for Colorado, has reaffirmed his bold prediction regarding the college football playoffs.
In the 2024–25 season, the College Football Playoff will be expanded to include a total of twelve teams, which will allow for the possibility of some atypical powers to compete for a national championship. According to Deion Sanders, Colorado has the potential to be one of them throughout the upcoming season.

During Sanders’s appearance on the FS1 program Undisputed, which is hosted by Skip Bayless and Keyshawn Johnson, he was asked if he is “sticking with” his opinion that the Buffaloes have the potential to leap 4–8 to be in contention for the national championship. He did not skip a single beat.

Colorado’s Deion Sanders doubles down on a bold college football playoff prediction.

“Yes, without a doubt,” she said. I believe that you are correct, man,” Sanders added. It is not enough for me to simply wear this on my chest and on my shirt. I do not doubt in my mind that what we have in-house—Key made sure to watch all of these games the previous year. Seven points stood between us and a variety of victories, most likely seven or eight additional victories. We simply did not know how to come out on top. Two times, we were kicked in the buttocks. We each received a serious kick to the butt twice. Undoubtedly, there was no victor. While we were entering, the scoreboard displayed a score of thirty. However, there were a few of those games that we had the opportunity to win. We could have been someone who made a lot of noise, but we could have also been a bowling team. We possessed the potential to be both. Even though we created some noise, we are going to make some sounds immediately.
There is some truth to Sanders’s assessment of how the team’s season transpired. Following a three-game winning streak that began with a victory against the national runner-up in 2022–23, TCU, in Week 1, Colorado went on to lose eight of its subsequent nine games, with a three-point victory over Arizona State on October 7 serving as the team’s final victory of the year.

On the 23rd of September, Oregon handed Colorado a humiliating first loss of the season with a score of 42–6. When Sanders’ Buffaloes traveled to the Palouse on November 17, they were defeated by Washington State by a score of 56–14. This was a nightmare for Sanders.

Colorado’s Deion Sanders doubles down on a bold college football playoff prediction.

Only one of Colorado’s other six losses was by a margin of more than one point, and that was a loss to UCLA by a score of 28–16.
As Bayless hinted, this is not the first time that the Colorado coach has suggested that his squad should be considered for the College Football Playoff. Sanders stated in an interview with 247Sports in December that he and his squad “plan on being one of” the schools that will take advantage of the extended Playoff field. However, during his interview on Tuesday Undisputed, he disclosed that he is aware of the pressure that the club is experiencing in the second year of his tenure.

Hope was instilled in us the previous year. However, we have to go ahead and do it this year.

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