Cowboys in NFL Playoffs: Who Will Be Dallas’ First-Round Rival? PODCAST OF FISH

If the Cowboys make it to the playoffs in the NFL, who will they face in the first round? A PODCAST TO FISH

If the Cowboys make it to the playoffs in the NFL, who will they face in the first round? FISH PODCAST: Getting Ready for the Seeds and Coordinating Your Schedules

When the Dallas Cowboys are getting ready for the NFL Playoffs and for a certain opponent in Round 1, there is one piece of information that is straightforward to all of this: To begin, all that is required is a victory over the Commanders in Washington on Sunday, the NFC East championship, and the second seed in the postseason. After that, the rest of the scramblers will be forced to take responsibility for their actions.

Who exactly are those people who scramble? At AT&T Stadium, the two-seed will compete against the seventh seed, which is one of the topics that was discussed in both the Fish Report and the Fish Podcast that occurred.
In addition, we believe that five plausible paths could be taken, which we will arrange in the order of their plausibility (we think!). If the Packers were to defeat the Bears in Week 18 and the Rams were to defeat the Niners, then the Cowboys would face the Packers.

The Cowboys will play the Seahawks if the Seahawks are victorious over the Cardinals and the Packers are defeated by the Bears.

The Saints are playing the Cowboys. Let’s say that the Saints triumph over the Falcons, the Buccaneers triumph over the Panthers, and both the Seahawks and the Packers are defeated.

The Vikings are playing the Cowboys. If the Vikings are victorious over the Lions, the Seahawks and Packers are defeated, and the Falcons triumph over the Saints, then the Vikings would win. (Also, if the Saints are victorious over the Falcons, the Buccaneers are defeated by the Panthers, the Vikings are victorious, and the Packers and Seahawks are defeated, the Vikings will win.)

Cowboys in NFL Playoffs: Who Will Be Dallas’ First-Round Rival? PODCAST OF FISH

In light of what it’s about? This season, the Cowboys defeated the Rams by a score of 43-20 and the Seahawks by a score of 41-35. Moreover, for the sake of what it’s worth… With a victory on Sunday, Dallas would be able to play both of its first two playoff games at AT&T Stadium, and as a result, they would be the favorite to proceed to the NFC Championship Game, which would be played in San Francisco. Dallas has won the last 16 games that have been played at AT&T Stadium.

FRANCESCO – Among the many humorous football clichés, one has been proven to be true. The other one? In any case, the Dallas Cowboys are having a good time!

“Control Their Own Destiny” is how we worded it, and the Cowboys now do, due to their own good-enough performance and thanks to a fortunate change of events in the NFC playoff race. The Cowboys are now in a position to control their own destiny.

Moreover, this fortunate turn of events is the result of… the lifting of “The Jimmy Curse”?!

During this episode of the Fish Podcast, we will be discussing the National Football Conference Playoff Picture, which will include our Top 10 Takes on the Cowboys and the Playoff Schedule.
“One Seed” Team: 49ers (12-4) secured the top seed in the National Football Conference. Been unable to escape the bye.

Two seeds. As a result of their possession of the tiebreakers over both the Lions and the Eagles, the Cowboys (11-5) have secured a spot in the playoffs. If the Dallas Cowboys are victorious at Washington the next week, they will be the No. 2 seed and will start the playoffs at home.
Lions (11-5) have secured the NFC North and are the third seed.

Buccaneers (8-8) are the first seed. But for the time being.

5 Seed: Eagles (11-5): They have secured a spot in the playoffs, although it is likely that they will only be a Wild Card.

The sixth-seeded Rams (9-7) have secured a spot in the playoffs.


7th Seed: Packers (8-8): If they defeat the Bears on Sunday, they will be eligible for a wild card, and they might be Dallas’ opponent in the first round. In this game, the Seahawks (8-8) still have a chance to win.

FRISCO – The Dallas Cowboys are talking a great deal this week about the challenges of playing at the Buffalo Bills. … based on the Bills’ talent, the Buffalo weather, and maybe – though the Cowboys don’t really want to put voice to this – the fact that Dallas, despite its 10-3 record, is not a very good road team.

Said Cowboys owner Jerry Jones of the 7-6 Bills: “They’re a dangerous team. At any given time, they can be as good as anybody in the NFL, in my mind. They got the players. They’ve got the quarterback (Josh Allen). …


Cowboys in NFL Playoffs: Who Will Be Dallas’ First-Round Rival? PODCAST OF FISH

“Of all the places that a home-field advantage is different than the normal games you play, it’s Buffalo, New York.”

Dallas coach Mike McCarthy is echoing all of that, saying, “This is gonna be a great environment to play in – outdoors, northern climate, all of those things. I think this is what you need as part of that opportunity to win and grow. … So, to play in these types of games, I feel, is a great preparation for playoff football.”

McCarthy added that the Bills are a “juggernaut.”

But two realities here: One, the Bills have lost three of their last five games and for the last 10 weeks have essentially alternated weekly between a win and a loss.

And two, Dallas on the road this year is just 3-3. And dating back two years, Dallas’ record is a mundane 8-8.

The Bills defense at home has been good, as they’ve given up just 14.5 points per game at Highmark Stadium. And the Cowboys, of course, have the highest-scoring offense in the NFL at 32.4 points per game.

But when McCarthy talks about “playoff readiness” and the like? He’s on the money in a very real sense … And here’s why …

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