Dolphins Can’t Afford to Unravel After Titans Loss

The Miami Dolphins suffered a humiliating defeat, which was shown on national television, which adds gasoline to the fire of those who are skeptical of this club and believe that they are a sham.

Many members of this fan base have been waiting for this “That’s So Dolphins” moment for quite some time, given the history of difficulties that the franchise has had over the course of the past two decades.
However, when it was suggested that Miami’s heartbreaking defeat to the Tennessee Titans on Monday night, which was 28-27, could set off a snowball effect in December, one that was comparable to the five-game losing streak that Miami experienced during the previous season, quarterback Tua Tagovailoa quickly disproved that predictions.

There is a possibility that this Dolphins club is not the same as the one that everyone thinks about. According to Tagovailoa, who is currently in his fourth season as Miami’s starting quarterback, “We have a lot of really good players and really good coaches to choose from.”
In reference to the Dolphins, who are currently 9-4, Tagovailoa reminded the reporters that “it’s one loss at home.” It’s not like the end of the world just because we were defeated in this game. Given that we are human, we will continue to improve as a result of this. This is the National Football League. Because nobody is flawless.

Each and every squad has defeats that they ought to have won, and they allow successes to slip through their fingers.

It is not the goal to become submerged in those moments. During those challenging times, it is important to accept responsibility and take ownership of the lessons learned.
In light of this, who needs to develop?
Because of this, the blame for Miami’s collapse in the fourth quarter against the Titans can be shared by many people, and given the nature of this team, you can anticipate that hands will be raised over the matter.

It was clear that head coach Mike McDaniel would not continue to support a run game that had already produced 101 yards in the first half.

Dolphins Can’t Afford to Unravel After Titans Loss

The Tennessee Titans were able to score 15 consecutive points without receiving any answers in the final 4 minutes and 34 seconds of the fourth quarter because Vic Fangio’s defense was unable to maintain its composure during the game’s final two defensive stands.

When it came to defending Tagovailoa, the offensive line, which was depleted due to injuries, was Charmin soft, and his armament failed to produce when the opportunity presented itself.

The play that terminated Miami’s final possession occurred when Tagovailoa was unable to get a throw off on fourth-and-2. Tagovailoa blamed himself for the turnover that Miami committed in the red zone during the first quarter, as well as for a big percentage of the five sacks that he took.

The dolphins have the belief that character will be the savior.
The loss, according to linebacker Duke Riley, has a surreal quality to it, but he is aware that “it happened.”
Things do take place. Duke Riley, a linebacker, stated that the team simply needed to be more specific and focused on the task at hand. “I am aware of one thing. We are going to improve as a result of this game because we are going to learn from it.

“The men that we have on the team are exactly what we need. In order to make the necessary adjustments, we are going to return to the drawing board.

It is fortunate for the Dolphins that there is no need for them to be in a state of fear because the Titans did not force the 2023 Dolphins to experience any obstacles.

With a win in the AFC East, Miami would be guaranteed a spot in the playoffs and would have the advantage of playing at home in the first round of the postseason. Miami is still in the driver’s seat to win the AFC East.

As the Dolphins continue to compete for the top seed in the American Football Conference (AFC), they will be in a position to choose their own fate in the final five games of the season, which will begin on Sunday with a matchup against the New York Jets.

Despite the fact that there are a great number of wounds that need to be licked and flames that need to be put out in the aftermath of the Titans’ loss, the message that was conveyed by the Dolphins players was that there is still hope for the future.

We were able to enjoy the movie together because we arrived early. Austin Jackson, an offensive tackle, stated that it was necessary for the team to analyze what they had done incorrectly and fix it. The following week presents you with yet another chance to improve your health and well-being. We are currently at that point. Reorganizing and staging the present while concentrating on the things that need to be done in order to execute in this offense is what we are doing.

In spite of the fact that Miami rushed for 101 yards in the first half and 158 yards for the game as a whole, Jackson stated that the execution was not impressive. He attributed this to the fact that the film review revealed that there were assignments that were missed, and coaching points that were made the previous week were not carried out. According to Jackson, “We accept the responsibility for that, knowing that we have the potential to be better.” “Let us make sure that he stays clean. The crown is heavy, yet we like wearing it to the fullest. Clearly, we need to improve. We have to make sure that our methods are spot on in order to offer him the highest level of protection and cleanliness in the pocket that we are capable of. You have heard of the “Choke at Doak,” watched the Falcons collapse against the Patriots in Super Bowl 51 and, of course, who can forget Chris Webber’s infamous timeout in the NCAA Finals and Greg Norman’s horrific final round at the 1996 Masters.

Dolphins Can’t Afford to Unravel After Titans Loss

In less than 60 seconds, the Dolphins blew a 14-point lead and let the Titans escape Hard Rock Stadium Monday night with a 28-27 upset. Even the ESPN announcing crew was talking about Tennessee‘s loss with Miami up 27-13 with 4:39 left to play, not giving the visiting team any chance of rallying. The Dolphins were out-coached, out-played and out-smarted by the Titans, and suddenly they are facing the prospect of losing 4 of their final 5 games with the Cowboys, Ravens and Bills following Sunday’s home game against the New York Jets. And, if Tyreek Hill is out with a bad ankle, beating the Jets is no sure thing.

How did the Dolphins lose to the Titans?

Here are some facts about blowing that lead and losing, courtesy of CBS Sports:

  • Teams had won 642 consecutive games when leading by 14 or more points inside the final five minutes.
  • The Dolphins are the only team since 2000 to lose such a game in regulation.
  • Teams are now 2,074-4 when up 14 or more points in the final 3 minutes in the last 20 seasons.

What Mike McDaniel said after Titans beat Dolphins in final minutes

“It’s a hard, hard lesson, but no lead is safe,” Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel said.

We’ll know in a few weeks if this was a lesson learned.

This article originally appeared on Palm Beach Post: Miami Dolphins upset by Tennessee Titans in MNF collapse

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