Drew Lock and the SI:AM Preserved the Season of the Seahawks

Drew Lock and the SI:AM Preserved the Season of the Seahawks
I am Dan Gartland, and good morning to you. Sincere congratulations are in order for the Pistons, who were defeated by a mere six points last night.

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The Seahawks have regained their position in the playoff race.

New power rankings for the National Football League

🎙️ The manner in which NBC mistreated Al Michaels

The race for the NFC playoffs is quite interesting.
Due to a game-winning drive by a quarterback who wasn’t even sure he was going to start the game, the Seahawks are back in the heart of the postseason hunt following an unexpected victory over the Eagles last night. This triumph was caused by the Seahawks’ upset victory over the Eagles.
Geno Smith, who often starts for the 49ers, suffered a groin injury during practice, which caused him to miss the game against them last week. As Smith worked his way back to full health, backup Drew Lock began that game, which was his first start since the final week of the 2021 season. Lock also received the majority of the first-team reps in practice this week from the first-team. On the other hand, Smith was able to feel comfortable enough during the pregame warmups that the Seahawks decided to make him active for the game. This brought some uncertainty to the plans that Seattle had set for themselves.

In a radio interview conducted prior to the game, Seahawks general manager John Schneider stated, “[Smith] is going to be active, and we have, what, 54 minutes here to figure out what’s going on.”

Drew Lock and the SI:AM Preserved the Season of the Seahawks

In the end, Lock was the answer. Despite the fact that he did not engage in any behavior that could have caused a quarterback controversy, he was competent enough to complete the task at hand as the Seattle defense suffocated the Eagles.
After a punt by Philadelphia, the Seahawks were given the ball at their own 8-yard line with 1 minute and 52 seconds remaining on the clock and one timeout. Lock’s big moment occurred when the Seahawks were losing 17–13. A few of first downs were picked up by Lock, and then, on a third-and-10 from the Seattle 37-yard line, Lock completed a ball to DK Metcalf that was flawless, resulting in a gain of 34 yards. Metcalf was able to catch the ball after it arced over the head of one Philadelphia defender and landed in his hands just before another Philadelphia player arrived to deliver a significant blow to him.

After two plays, Lock made a touchdown pass to Jaxon Smith-Njigba in the end zone while he was in stride. The touchdown was for 29 yards and gave the Seahawks the lead with 28 seconds remaining in the game. Take a look at both of Lock’s clutch throws in this video. The game was decided with thirteen seconds remaining when Julian Love made a successful interception on Jalen Hurts.

With the victory, the Seahawks were able to end their four-game losing streak. They are one of four teams that are competed for the final two wild-card slots in the National Football Conference. Due to the fact that the Rams, who are also 7–7, have a superior record against National Football Conference West opponents, they are currently in eighth place in the conference. To make it to the playoffs, Seattle will require some assistance, but the remaining games on its schedule (at the Titans, at the Steelers, and against the Cardinals) are not overly challenging.

There were also huge consequences for the Eagles in the playoffs as a result of the result. They currently have a record of 10–4 and have suffered three consecutive defeats as they compete with the Cowboys for the NFC East championship. Despite the fact that San Francisco holds the tiebreaker over the Eagles due to its victory over Philadelphia in Week 13, Philadelphia would have been tied with the Niners for the top spot in the league if they had won.

Drew Lock and the SI:AM Preserved the Season of the Seahawks

The competition between the Eagles and the Cowboys for the division title will be one of the more intriguing subplots in the National Football League during the final three weeks of the season. Both of these teams are outstanding and have already secured a berth in the postseason; yet, one of them will be required to compete in the playoffs away from home because they are a wild-card club. With the current standings, the Cowboys are the second-best seed in the conference. This means that they would be playing the seventh-best seed in the first round of the playoffs. The Eagles, on the other hand, are currently ranked fifth and would begin the playoffs against the fourth-ranked team, which would very certainly be the team that wins the NFC South.

It is encouraging to hear that the Eagles have a schedule that appears to be relatively straightforward for the remainder of the season. Two of their games are scheduled against the Giants, and the other is scheduled against the Cardinals. On the other side, the Cowboys are going to have to contend with a far more challenging stretch of games, beginning with a game away from home against the Lions and a game away against the Dolphins on Sunday. Finally, they will have to play the Commanders again to conclude the season. The Eagles have a modest advantage in the fight for the division when compared to the other team’s schedule. On the other hand, if Lock and the Seahawks hadn’t disqualified them the night before, things would have been a great deal simpler.
Greg Bishop, who was present in Seattle for the remarkable victory of the Seahawks, wrote on how the Seahawks’ unheralded heroes were the key to their success.
On top of that, Bishop had a conversation with Brock Purdy’s private quarterback coach about how the 49ers star quarterback rehabilitated from the elbow surgery he had during the offseason in preparation for the probable MVP season.
A pair of quarterbacks who are flourishing in unfamiliar environments were the subject of a piece written by Albert Breer. Baker Mayfield has been given a new beginning in Tampa Bay this season, and the Buccaneers are now in first place in their division. The scenario was different for Joe Flacco, who remained idle throughout the entire year, waiting for a team to contact him. After what seemed like an eternity, the Browns made the call, and now he has been instrumental in saving Cleveland’s season.

Drew Lock and the SI:AM Preserved the Season of the Seahawks

As a result of the Eagles’ defeat, Conor Orr’s most recent NFL power rankings no longer place them among the top five teams.
Jimmy Traina is of the opinion that NBC made a poor decision when it chose not to assign Al Michaels to a game with the National Football League playoffs this season.
The commitment of one of the most talented high school quarterback recruits in the country, who had previously committed to Georgia, was changed to Nebraska.
The current quarterback for Georgia, Carson Beck, will be returning to the school for the upcoming season.

things I saw last night:

5. Matt Duchene and Tyler Seguin’s textbook give-and-go.

4. Noah Hanifin’s interception and quick pass to set up Mikael Backlund’s shorthanded goal.

3. James Harden’s animated reaction after his step-back three.

2. Kenneth Walker’s vision and patience on his 23-yard touchdown run. (He got some great lead blocking, too.)

1. Drew Lock’s emotional postgame interview after leading the Seahawks to victory. It was his first win as a starter since Dec. 13, 2020.


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