Ja Morant in celebration controversy after another Grizzlies win

The Grizzlies have gone 4-0 since Ja Morant returned, and in his first run of games after serving a 25-game suspension, the star was voted the Western Conference Player of the Week. However, some have questioned his celebration after he dunk on Tuesday.

Marcus Smart threw an alley-oop to Jared Morant with 14 seconds remaining in overtime, and when the 24-year-old landed, he raised both hands before extending his arms, which may have been seen as using finger guns, and moving them toward the side of his head. Memphis was leading the Pelicans by four points at that point.

Some fans speculated that Morant may have utilized the video—which included clips of LSU football players revealing similar dances while celebrating touchdowns—because the Grizzlies were playing in New Orleans. Morant had uploaded it on X.

In response, some criticized Morant for revealing anything that even slightly resembled or might have been mistaken for finger guns, especially considering that he had just returned from a 25-game suspension after flashing a handgun on Instagram Live for the second time.

Ja Morant in celebration controversy after another Grizzlies win

After serving a 25-game penalty, the optics of James Morant’s own employer endorsing the flashing of gun hand movements is absurd, a user commented on X.The Grizzlies’ team account even posted a video on social media, although the precise context and optics of his dance are still unknown.

In his first game back with the Grizzlies, Morant was jeered in New Orleans; nevertheless, the Memphis audience applauded his introduction during his first home game.

He was seen clutching weapons on camera twice; the first time was at a strip club in the Denver region, and the second time was on Instagram Live while driving. He was suspended for eight games during the previous season and 25 games to begin the 2023–24 campaign.

Following his second suspension, NBA commissioner Adam Silver called Morant’s second video with a pistol “alarming” and “disconcerting” and offered an apology for the “harm that I’ve done” as well as for not being a role model.

On December 19, Morant played his first game back in New Orleans for the Grizzlies. He scored 34 points and nailed the game-winning basket at the buzzer.After that, the Grizzlies defeated the Hawks and Pacers before triumphing over the Pelicans once more.

Regarding the four victories and Memphis’ play since his return, Morant told Grizzlies.com, “It’s big-time, man.” “These are my boys.” I cherish them. While we are obviously happy to be back, it is important for us to be able to win four games in a row and carry this energy into the next game the following day.

Ja Morant scored a wide-open layup with 13.7 seconds left in the overtime period on Tuesday night to give the Memphis Grizzlies a six-point advantage against the home club. He iced the game and then started dancing. There are several NBA commentators that claim that the guard is “spraying bullets” routinely. Ja Morant is being closely watched because he recently returned from a 25-game suspension imposed by the league for flaunting his pistols in an Instagram Story.

Ja Morant in celebration controversy after another Grizzlies win

Critics are therefore paying great attention to every move he makes.For this reason, co-host Chandler Parsons of Fan Duel’s Run It Back podcast chastised the guard for his celebration during the Pelicans game. According to co-host Michelle Beadle, Morant is similar to a child who crosses boundaries set by his parents and school only to later say he did nothing. She then looks to Parsons for his feedback. Parsons thought the athletic guard started a gun celebration out of instinct, but he stopped short of finishing it after realizing his error.

He was perplexed as to why the guard was unable to avoid firearms, though. Although he accepted that the All-Star player had guided the Grizzlies to four straight victories, he was perplexed as to why he would draw criticism. He also called out his father in the process.

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