Ja Morant’s controversial celebration: Why did he choose a gun?

Ja Morant hinted that he was making a reference to the LSU Tigers with his “guns celebration” during the New Orleans Pelicans 116-115 victory on December 26.

Although Morant finished the game with 31 points and seven assists, the main talking point was what he did with the final 13 seconds of the game.In order to restart the action, he ran back to his own half of the floor after finishing a slam dunk and making a motion with two weapons.

The whole affair took place in a matter of seconds, but given his past history with guns and the accusations made against him by exotic dancers for flashing a gun in a club, the NBA player claimed it wasn’t that serious.

He accomplished this by retweeting a video from X.com, the website that was once known as Twitter, with the description, “Ja Morant pulled out that BR cellyyyyyyy,” along with a video showing the Louisiana State Tigers college football team celebrating.

According to Morant, he seems to have made reference to the fact that they perform a series of dances and shoot weapons into the crowd in the video. To give the number 12 some credit, his actions do match those in the video.

Ja Morant's

Guard Ja Morant of the Memphis Grizzlies seems unable to control himself. Tuesday night at Smoothie King Center, he dunk to cement his team’s victory over the New Orleans Pelicans on the road. As he celebrated, he seemed to unleash fictitious bullets into the crowd.

Following his return from a 25-game suspension imposed by the NBA for various aggressive acts on social media, including flashing a firearm many times, Morant, 24, has guided Memphis to four straight victory.Simulating firing a weapon when he’s recently returned from suspension is obviously not a good image, even though the gun celebration is only a notion that went viral after Barstool Sports posted it on X. Morant could as well have been engaged in a completely different activity.

In the video, he can be seen making a hand signal before seemingly going all out and adding what appears to be Morant attempting to fire a bazooka.

With 31 points, Morant helped the Grizzlies defeat the Pelicans 116-115 in overtime, maintaining their perfect record since opening the season in New Orleans one week earlier. Before their star returned, Memphis had a 6-19 record.

Ja Morant is the greatest foe he has.
After returning from suspension, Morant has averaged 28.8 points per game. On Tuesday, he was selected the Western Conference Player of the Week.

On December 19, in his season debut against New Orleans, he finished with 34 points, including the game-winning basket.While there is no denying that Morant is a challenge for Memphis on the floor, his constant misbehavior is what ultimately costs him. The NBA might impose fines on him for the celebration.

Fans were convinced that Morant had taken a fresh turn after becoming viral for an endearing exchange with his kid. On Thursday night, when the Grizzlies play the Denver Nuggets, the Memphis star will be closely watched.

Ja Morant's

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