LeBron James’ Fanatics agreement includes Bronny’s trading card

It is possible that LeBron James and his older son, Bronny, have not yet shared the same basketball court for an NBA game, but it is not long until they will be featured on the same basketball card with each other. On the one-of-a-kind card, there are pictures of LeBron James wearing his high school uniform from St. Vincent-St. Mary’s and Bronny James wearing his jersey from the University of Southern California Trojans.

LeBron James Ignoring National Anthem Sparked Outrage


Both of the James brothers have signed their names on the card. The Bowman University Chrome Basketball set for 2023–24, which is scheduled to be launched later this month, will contain it as one of its collectibles. Cards will also be included in the set for All-Americans Caitlin Clark of Iowa and Paige Bueckers of the University of Connecticut.

LeBron James Ignoring National Anthem Sparked Outrage

During an interview with ESPN on Wednesday, a representative for Fanatics Collectibles said that LeBron James had autographed the item as part of a new multiyear trading card relationship with Fanatics Collectibles. After spending his whole career working for Upper Deck, James has decided to form a partnership with Fanatics.

Earlier this week, the veteran, who is 21 years old, tweeted a teaser about the announcement on his Instagram account. “As someone who appreciates all the moments—big and small—along the journey, I’m excited to share more with my fans through this partnership with Fanatics,” James stated in a prepared statement. “There is a tremendous deal of excellence to be celebrated in the world of sports, and I have always been one to take a moment to acknowledge that in players who are performing at the highest level of their games.

Celebrating the journey and taking pleasure in those moments, while there are many more to come, is the most important thing. In June 2022, a James “Triple Logoman” card that was part of the Panini basketball card set for the 2020–21 season was sold at auction for a price of $2.4 million. Additionally, in June of 2020, a signed 2003-04 Exquisite Rookie Patch that was one of James’ Upper Deck rookie cards and was numbered 14 of the 23 that were ever produced was sold at auction for a total of $1.8 million.

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Immediately following the conclusion of the 2020 auction, James disclosed that he has diversified his financial portfolio by retaining ownership of a number of the cards that he appears on. “I have two [of those] rookie cards of my own,” James revealed on a day off during the 2020 NBA Finals. “I have two in my possession.” “That means I’ll be fine for an extremely, very long period. I’m fine, regardless of what ends up happening.

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