Michigan promotes offensive coordinator Sherrone Moore to replace Jim Harbaugh

Sherrone Moore, who was previously the offensive coordinator and offensive line coach at Michigan, has been promoted to the position of head coach, according to an announcement made by the university on Friday. This move is a swift move to replace Jim Harbaugh with Moore, who was one of the primary figures behind this year’s championship run.

Moore is the first Black person to ever hold the position of head coach in the history of the program.

According to Moore, who was quoted in the announcement made by the university, “I have been preparing my entire coaching career for this opportunity, and I can’t think of a better place to be head coach than at the University of Michigan.” In order to carry on the tradition of championship football that has been played at the University of Michigan for the past 144 years, we will do everything in our power as a TEAM each and every day.

Our standards are not going to be altered. We are going to be a championship-level team that is intelligent, tough, dependable, persistent, and enthusiastic. We are going to be a team that loves football and plays with passion for the game, the winged helmet, and each other.
In college football circles, Moore was considered to be the most logical candidate for Harbaugh in the event that he decided to join the National Football League for a second tenure. After nine seasons with the Wolverines, Harbaugh reached an agreement with the Los Angeles Chargers on Wednesday. During his time with the Wolverines, Harbaugh had a record of 89-25.

Through the process of recruiting a new head coach from among the current staff, the University of Michigan is hoping to ensure a smooth transition that will assist in maintaining the Wolverines’ most successful run in recent history. The Michigan Wolverines have just won their first national championship since 1997, with three consecutive Big Ten championships, three consecutive victories over Ohio State, and three consecutive victories over Ohio State.

Over the course of the program’s modern period, Moore is the fifth head coach to be elevated to the position of assistant coach. There were four previous hires who were successful in reaching the Rose Bowl, and two of them, Lloyd Carr and Bennie Oosterbaan, were able to win a national championship.

Moore is receiving a five-year deal that is worth $6 million per season to begin with, as stated in the memorandum of understanding that USA TODAY Sports was able to obtain. This deal includes a base salary of $500,000, a retention bonus of $500,000 if he is employed for the entire contract year, and $5,000,000 in “additional compensation,” which is to increase by 2% ($100,000) each subsequent contract year.

Michigan offensive coordinator Sherrone Moore walks to the field ahead of the College Football Playoff national championship game at NRG Stadium.

For winning the Big Ten Conference, Moore would receive a bonus of $500,000; for reaching the 12-team College Football Playoff, he would receive $200,000; for reaching the second round of the playoff, he would receive $300,000; for reaching the semi finals of the playoff, he would receive $500,000; for appearing in the national championship game, he would receive $750,000; and for winning the national championship, he would receive $1,000,000.

Moore is entitled to supplemental remuneration for the duration of his term in addition to 75% of his base salary in the event that he is terminated without cause by the University of Michigan. The buyout would be reduced by one million dollars after each year if Moore were to quit after one year, and he would owe Michigan five million dollars if he ever left.

Moore, who had previously played offensive tackle for Oklahoma, began his coaching career at Louisville (2009–2013) and Central Michigan (2014–2017) before being recruited to join Harbaugh’s staff at Michigan in 2018 to coach the tight ends. Moore’s coaching career began at Louisville.

Following the horrible season that the Wolverines had in 2020, a significant staffing purge was implemented, and he was one of the few assistants who survived. Moore was upgraded to the position of co-offensive coordinator and line coach beginning in 2021. Following that, he assumed primary responsibility for the offensive coordinator position this past year. The offensive line of the University of Michigan became the first program in the Bowl Subdivision to earn the Joe Moore Award for the best line in the Bowl Subdivision as a result of their success in 2021 and 2022.

Moore served as the interim replacement for Harbaugh during two distinct spells during the previous season. Harbaugh was suspended by the school for the first three games due to recruiting infractions, and the Big Ten punished him for the remaining three games of the regular season due to allegations that Michigan stole signs. Moore served as the interim replacement for Harbaugh during both of these suspensions. Between the months of September and November, he served as the acting coach for a victory over Bowling Green. In November, he also led the team to victories over Penn State, Maryland, and Ohio State.

Michigan promotes offensive coordinator Sherrone Moore to replace Jim  Harbaugh as head coach - NBC Sports

“Sherrone stepped up this fall and served as the interim head coach when the program and especially the team needed him,” said Warde Manuel, the athletic director of the team, in a release issued by the team. “The manner in which Sherrone handled that issue cemented the faith that I had already begun to develop in him. It was never about him; it was always about the team! He never made it about himself!

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