More right-wing brain rot: absurd Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce conspiracy theories

There was a time when we were all involved in the joke.

When you saw the grainy, black-and-white portrayal of an alien or a portrait of Elvis on the cover of a tabloid, you would either chuckle or roll your eyes because you were already aware of the joke.

“I’m having a baby the size of an alien!” Elvis Presley is still alive and operating as my dentist! Alternately, “I met Elvis when I was kidnapped by a UFO, and now I’m having his baby!” is a statement that combines the best of both worlds.

The overwhelming majority of us were able to discern these tales for what they were: absolute gibberish that was obviously devoid of any basis in truth. They were not given legitimacy, nor were we attempting to persuade others that they were accurate. We did not, under any circumstances, make room in the national debate for the propagation of such concepts that were only partially developed.
Oh, the ways in which it has altered.

If you are completely unaware of what I am referring to, you should count yourself extremely fortunate. In addition, sane. You have been astute enough to steer clear of the hellscape that is the right-wing media, which is currently promoting the notion that the Super Bowl is rigged as part of some Democratic scheme because Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are dating. Alternatively, on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry. Or… something else.

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Imagine for a moment that people were fully committed to Jesus in the same way that they are to professional sports. In the event that this were the case, I believe the country would have a very different appearance. Alison Steinberg, a host on One America News Network, expressed her dissatisfaction earlier this week by stating, “But unfortunately, as we all know, it is not.”

Additionally, it is possible that this is the reason why we are witnessing the disintegration and deterioration of our once-great nation. Her voice rose in fury as she huffed, “Instead, it appears that the only thing that we are concerned with are the celebrities and athletes who are supported by the elites of Hollywood and this ongoing theater.” “This phony, meticulously designed program that has the general public completely hypnotized and that they are unable to stop off from watching.

What is the question that needs to be answered? Why do those in power require this dynamic pair in order to affect the vote? Could it be that they already have a sufficient number of sleazy tricks up their sleeves?

This insanity is not confined to the edge of the wing-nut community, despite the fact that OAN may be a little player in the media landscape. This kind of crap has been being spread by Fox News for several weeks. According to statements made by Vivek Ramaswamy, a former contender for the Republican presidential nomination, he believes that the fix has been implemented, and as a consequence, the Kansas City Chiefs will win their second consecutive Super Bowl and their third in the past five seasons.

Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce and a MAGA Meltdown - The New York Times

The scenario that “Swift comes out at the halftime show and ‘endorses’ Joe Biden with Kelce at midfield” was written by Mike Crispi, another right-wing pundit. Crispi’s post was completely sensible and not in the least bit strange.

That’s the case, then!

You are all aware that this is completely insane, right? Suspicions that the National Football League (NFL) scripts its season are one thing, but a conspiracy theory about the Super Bowl emblem is another. “Stuff” like this is deep into the region of tin-foil hats.

Regrettably, however, no one should be surprised by this. For the members of the MAGA movement, the romance between Swift and Kelce is a fever dream.

Not only is she intelligent, popular, and powerful, but she is also fiercely opposed to politicians who violate fundamental rights, much like the majority of women and people her age around the world. In addition, she has the potential to impact the outcome of this year’s election due to the fact that she is so incredibly popular, particularly among young women. While this is going on, he is advocating for the vaccination that has made the COVID-19 pandemic more manageable after it had already claimed the lives of millions of people all over the world. It’s true that he sheds tears in public as well, and he has no problem expressing his affection for his brother.

The fact that they are currently together, and that they are doing it in a very public and very happy manner, is both infuriating and terrifying to many on the right. They do not perceive a nice celebrity couple when they witness Swift and Kelce passionately kissing on the field, as they did on Sunday after the Chiefs won yet another American Football Conference championship. For them, there is a danger to all that is holy.

I am referring to their own power and influence when I say that is all that is sacred.

It is very terrifying. As Charly Arnold of stated on Fox, “There was a recent poll, and one-fifth of Taylor Swift fans said that they would support whichever candidate that she endorsed.” However, she forgot that she was not supposed to speak the quiet bit out loud.

It is tempting to dismiss this as yet another example of the MAGA crowd’s attempt to appear outraged. On the other hand, to make fun of it since it is absolutely ridiculous. One of the issues is that there are individuals, and a significant number of them, who truly believe this stuff for real. those who have completely lost the ability to engage in critical thinking and are willing to believe anything that Donald Trump and his sycophants in the right-wing media tell them to believe.

Super Bowl: Taylor Swift targeted by right-wing media after Kansas City  Chiefs Travic Kelce advances

Including the fact that the National Football League, the same league that banned Colin Kaepernick and permitted a team to adopt a racist nickname, would put its $18 billion annual empire at danger by manipulating the Super Bowl in order to favor a Democratic presidential candidate and/or leftist philosophy. (The journey that led to the liberal ideology of personal autonomy and fundamental public health measures is a topic that will be discussed at a later time.)

Conspiracy theories concerning Taylor Swift and Kelce have the same level of credibility as sightings of Elvis Presley and extra-terrestrial babies, and they ought to be handled with the same level of seriousness. In contrast, the statement that “The Super Bowl, staged by Pfizer and the Biden campaign” is comparable to the falsehood that the election in 2020 was stolen.

When it is not even close to being true, it is believed by an excessive number of people.

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