New York Jets quarterback Colin Kaepernick makes a significant move to the team.

Tom Brady is a legendary quarterback who recently made the announcement that he will be retiring from the National Football League, effective at the conclusion of the 2022 season at the latest.

has not shown any significant evidence to suggest that he desires to return to the playing field at any point in the future. In spite of this, it is quite clear that he would be able to accomplish it if he made up his mind to proceed in this manner.

The fact that Tom Brady has made the decision to become a minority owner for the Las Vegas Raiders franchise is the most significant impediment that could prohibit him from returning to the league as a player. This is due to the fact that it is typically not permitted for league personnel to also be club owners.


NFL world reacts to Tom Brady return news
NFL world reacts to Tom Brady return news


On the other hand, as Tom Pelissero of NFL Media and Ian Rapoport of NFL Media both point out, the ownership share that Tom Brady has in the Raiders has not yet been confirmed.

“The door will officially remain open for Brady to play for any team — at least until October and quite possibly longer,” the two sources claimed on Sunday morning. “The door will remain open for Brady to play for any team.” “There will be no restrictions placed on Brady’s ability to play for any team,” the statement read.

The acquisition of a minority ownership stake in the Raiders by Brady has not yet been confirmed, according to the sources that we have consulted.


NFL world reacts to Tom Brady return news


Although there are some reports that suggest a vote could take place as soon as the Fall League Meeting the following month, there is no guarantee that this will occur.

When it comes to money, there is still a great lot that needs to be figured out, and a great deal of information concerning a possible acquisition has not yet been made public.



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