NFL World Reacts to Dak Prescott’s Hilarious PSA for Colon Cancer Screening

NFL World Reacts to Dak Prescott’s Hilarious PSA for Colon Cancer Screening
When he is not out on the field putting together a season that would make him a candidate for the Most Valuable Player award, Dak Prescott, who is currently the reigning winner of the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year award, is typically out there using his platform for good. A man who is recognized for doing good in his community is once again using his voice to speak up for a cause that is near and dear to his heart.
Many know that Prescott lost his mother, Peggy, to cancer when he was at Mississippi State. What some may not know is that it was colon cancer that took her life. In this latest advertisement, Prescott teamed up with actor Ryan Reynolds to spread the importance of early detection to save lives and did so with a bit of humor.

Dak Prescott’s Hilarious Colon Cancer Screening PSA

It is Reynolds, who is well known for his part as Deadpool, a superhero movie that is full of smart humor and amusing moments, who wrote and directed the advertisement. Reynolds is also the director of the advertisement. Using the same sense of humor, Reynolds collaborated with Prescott to demonstrate the significance of the reasons why individuals should get colon cancer screening at an early stage.

NFL World Reacts to Dak Prescott’s Hilarious PSA for Colon Cancer Screening

In the beginning of the advertisement, Prescott has a valid argument to make regarding his line of work. As a starting quarterback, I am subjected to a great deal of sexism. “… And I get it, when you are not a fan of something, s***ing on it can make you feel good,” Prescott continued. “I get it.”

After that, Prescott went on to explain how the procedure was carried out, and in order to convey his message, he utilized stickers that made references to the mascots of some of his most formidable competitors.
In order to demonstrate the significance of their product in terms of early detection and the preservation of lives, the advertising campaign made use of humor, well-known celebrities, and a straightforward message.

Due to the fact that Prescott was involved, it was only natural for the NFL community to have their opinions regarding the advertisement.

NFL World Reacts to Prescott’s PSA

The advertisement is a significant one, and when you combine it with humor, the message is accepted positively by the audience.

Although Prescott is well-known for being a wonderful person off the field, it appears that not many people give him the respect he deserves for his performance on the field. Not only has he continued to be the kind of remarkable individual that earned him the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year award the previous year, but his performance on the field has also contributed to a shift in the way the general public views him also.
Right now, it appears as though Prescott is incapable of making any mistakes, whether they occur on or off the field.

NFL World Reacts to Dak Prescott’s Hilarious PSA for Colon Cancer Screening

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As a result of their dominance against the Cowboys from the beginning to the end, the Bills were able to maintain their own chances of making the playoffs. After the game, Prescott was questioned about whether or not he was aware of his team’s achievement of securing a postseason spot, and whether or not this outcome was significant in light of the devastating defeat. Although he claimed that he was unaware that they had earned a spot in the playoffs, he made it clear that the fact did not matter to him at the time.
In addition, Prescott stated that it was only a “matter of time” for his squad to secure a berth in the playoffs given the current performance of the team. A half-game behind the Eagles (10–3), who will be playing in Seattle on Monday night, Dallas currently has a record of 10–4 in their season.

At the end of the day, Prescott’s evaluation is accurate. With the upcoming season, the Cowboys are looking to make their first participation in the Super Bowl since the 1995 season. But after a humiliating defeat such as the one they experienced on Sunday, the simple fact that they have secured a spot in the playoffs is not much of a consolation.

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