NHL futures: How risky a bet are the Rangers to win the Cup?

If you have been keeping track of which National Hockey League team has the best chance of winning the Stanley Cup this season, you have surely seen that the odds of the New York Rangers winning the Stanley Cup have significantly decreased from what they were just a couple of weeks ago. Peter Laviolette’s club has become more tempting to oddsmakers as a result of the spectacular month of November. As a result, the Blueshirts are currently tied with the Boston Bruins and the Colorado Avalanche at DraftKings as +750 (15-2) favorites to win the Lord Stanley’s Mug.

However, you have surely heard that the month of December is not the month in which Stanley Cups are won. The Rangers are a good bet for this season, considering there is still a significant amount of regular-season games to go.When it comes to betting, the Rangers are not always a sure thing, despite the fact that they have won a good number of games. According to Action Network, New York has a record of 7-3-0 over their most recent ten games, but they have only covered the spread four times over that stretch of time.

NHL futures How risky a bet are the Rangers to win the Cup
NHL futures How risky a bet are the Rangers to win the Cup

In point of fact, the Rangers had a streak of six consecutive games in which they failed to cover the spread, regardless of whether they were the favorite or the underdog. This streak ended on Sunday night, when they defeated the Los Angeles Kings against the 1.5-point favorites. During that time period, they have been victorious as the moneyline favorite six times, but they have left bettors dissatisfied after suffering defeats at the hands of teams with less formidable competition, such as the Buffalo Sabres and the Ottawa Senators.

New York has also been conceding a significant number of goals in recent times, which further contributes to the fact that they are a hazardous gamble. The Blueshirts have not been able to achieve a shutout since their victory over the Pittsburgh Penguins by a score of 1-0 on November 22. In addition, they have conceded two or more goals in seven of the nine games that have passed since that shutout. During the month of December, New York had played five games and had allowed three goals or more in four consecutive games. However, on Sunday night, they were able to limit Los Angeles to just one goal.

NHL futures How risky a bet are the Rangers to win the Cup (4)
NHL futures How risky a bet are the Rangers to win the Cup

To put that into perspective, the Rangers allowed the San Jose Sharks, who are a one thousand one hundred percent chance of winning the Stanley Cup, to score five goals, and they had to put in a lot of effort late in the game to prevent Team Teal from tying the game in the dying minutes. From this point forward until the conclusion of the year, the Rangers will compete against a wide range of opponents, including the faltering Anaheim Ducks, the powerful Boston Bruins, and two games against a Toronto Maple Leafs squad that is getting even more competitive.


As a result, if you are still contemplating placing a wager on the Rangers, who are currently the favorites to win the Stanley Cup, you might want to wait until the end of December to see how they perform. The manner in which New York performs over the course of the upcoming games may reveal a great deal regarding the degree of risk associated with their wager.


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