Judging from her ability to down beers, Olivia Dunne’s sister Julz is welcome to hang out with the OutKick team.In her last year of college eligibility, Livvy is returning to the mat for the LSU Tigers, and I discovered today that some gymnastics competitions seem to sell beer.

In my opinion, the sport has never been more awesome. Of course, there was a low bar to start with. Who among us enjoys drinking cold ones as though they’re going out of style?

Julz Dunne enjoys sipping on ice-cold beer.
When I say that Julz likes cool beer, I’m not exaggerating or overstating things in the slightest. On Monday, she shared a video of herself having a great time at one of Olivia Dunne’s meets.

How much does she enjoy throwing them back as if she were hanging out with the guys on a Saturday football game? During the celebration, she drank five (!!!!) tall boys, and she finished the evening with a cool mojito.



Watch her incredible performance here, and send me an email at David.Hookstead@outkick.com with your comments.Tall boys are 16 fluid ounces, not the 12 fluid ounces that you find in a 12-pack or full rack, for those who are unfamiliar with beer.Eighty fluid ounces of ice-cold beer were smashed by Julz Dunne. She downed what is the equivalent of 6.7 standard beers in one sitting, and then she smashed a mojito.

I know of adult males who could not resist having almost eight drinks in one sitting. It looks like Julz Dunne is attempting to secure a slot alongside me in the Weekend Recap series at Dirty Water by throwing them back.

I will always be up for hanging out with someone who enjoys hammering cold beers. We’ll see who can fit beneath the table and extend an open invitation to Julz Dunne for the upcoming OutKick happy hour. Who do you think can’t keep up? Please email David.Hookstead@outkick.com with any updates.

And lastly, there’s nothing better than enjoying a beer with the guys in the backyard with a fantastic rotomolded cooler and a fire. My fiancée thinks my several Canyon Coolers are crazy, but they are well worth it. Savor a little assessment of Busch Light from the initial days of COVID-19 chaos.Prior to the University of Kentucky vs. LSU Tigers match on January 19, the talented gymnast posted a video of some “beam work.”

The 21-year-old amazed admirers with her incredible talent in the latest video that she posted to her Instagram account, showcasing her gymnastic prowess. Dunne’s beam routine is a convincing example of her proficiency in gymnastics artistry. She enthralls spectators with every move, combining force and grace with graceful leaps and perfect landings.


Known as the “dancing stage” in gymnastics, the balancing beam requires a unique set of skills. On a small, four-inch-wide beam, the gymnast must balance perfectly while performing a series of acrobatic elements, dance moves, and complicated connections. With her unparalleled composure and accuracy, Dunne’s performance not only meets but exceeds these expectations.Exhibiting her skill as an acrobat, Dunne performed flawless transitions from the upper bar to the lower bar and back again to complete her routine on the uneven bars, a configuration consisting of two bars at different heights for gymnastic routines.

During the routine, Dunne performs difficult circles with precision. Along with the video, she sent emojis of sparkles on her Instagram story.Dunne executes precise, challenging circles during the routine. She shared the footage on her Instagram account along with glittery emoticons.Olivia Dunne enthralls audiences once more with her amazing gymnastic abilities as she displays her remarkable “beam work” while sporting a cheeky leotard

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