Panthers great Luke Kuechly offers advice on how to cover Travis Kelce

The Panthers are wonderful. In this article, Luke Kuechly guides us on how to A. Kelce, Travis What is the best way to defend something that cannot be defended? Now, perhaps the answer lies with one of the most legendary defenders in the history of the world.

Luke Kuechly, a legendary player for the Carolina Panthers, appeared as a guest on the episode of Up & Adams on Wednesday. In response to the question of how one might prevent Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce from absolutely ruining a game, as he frequently does, the former linebacker had some unusual advice:
Even though he is 34 years old, Kelce continues to make opposition defenses to play the guessing game, which is an activity that is typically unsuccessful and that the future Hall of Famer typically wins. The veteran quarterback, who is in his eleventh year, has caught 23 passes for 262 yards and three touchdowns in the three games he has played in this postseason.

Panthers great Luke Kuechly offers advice on how to cover Travis Kelce

Kuechly, who is destined to be inducted into the Hall of Fame in his own right, is well-versed in the skills necessary to defend against the pass. The defensive player who was named the Defensive Player of the Year in 2013 and who was named to the first team All-Pro five times received a coverage grade of at least 82.7 from Pro Football Focus in six of his eight NFL seasons.

Only once, during the tenth week of the 2016 season, had the two teams competed against one another in nearly eight seasons. During that game, which Kansas City won by a score of 20-17, Kuechly allowed Kelce to grab ten yards on one of his targets.

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