Rob Gronkowski warns Tom Brady of scorn as the NFL legend prepares for a $375 million career.

A greater amount of time has been spent underground by Tom Brady in the year 2023 than at any other time since he was a youngster. However, this is going to change in the near future because the quarterback is embarking on a countdown to 2024, which is the year that he will begin his career as an NFL announcer with FOX on a contract worth $375 million.

On the day of the game, Rob Gronkowski, who had previously been Brady’s teammate, exerted pressure on his quarterback to arrive prepared. How he said it on the podcast titled “Let’s Go!” is as follows:
I am going to be observing you and providing feedback on your performance. I’m going to go on the postgame and I’m going to make fun of you a couple times, saying things like, “I’m not sure if he’s right, or if he’s spot on.”Tom, you had better get ready because there are going to be a lot of people who are going to criticize you.

Other than that, what other retirement plans does Tom Brady have in the works?

Rob Gronkowski warns Tom Brady of scorn as the NFL legend prepares for a $375 million career.

The quarterback who formerly played for the New England Patriots and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has been quite active in making news for a guy who is no longer active in the sport. In spite of the fact that he has retired from the sport, the quarterback has continued to be active in the world of sports.

To be more specific, the quarterback has been involved with the ownership of the Las Vegas Raiders, the Las Vegas Aces, and Birmingham FC.

There have been two consecutive WNBA championships won by the Las Vegas Aces, with the second one taking place while Tom Brady was the head coach of the team. Twenty-two years ago, he went to a game, which is what started his interest in making the purchase.

Additionally, it appears that Brady’s association with Mark Davis, the owner of the Aces, paved the way for him to become a partial owner of the Raiders. Davis, the owner of the Las Vegas Raiders, made an attempt to sell a portion of the franchise to Brady at a significant discount.

However, the acquisition agreement has been put on hold since other owners in the league have not yet reached a consensus on the terms of the agreement. To be more specific, according to Pro Football Talk, Brady has supposedly been offered a 1.75 billion dollar share in the franchise in exchange for $175 million.

Rob Gronkowski warns Tom Brady of scorn as the NFL legend prepares for a $375 million career.

This would be equivalent to Tom Brady becoming a millionaire overnight, and if he were to turn around and sell the stake at the current market value, he would theoretically make more than a billion dollars.

According to ESPN, Brady also owns a portion of a pickleball team. In 2022, he in conjunction with Kim Clijsters, who has won four major tennis championships, purchased a portion of an expansion team that was not named. However, the additional teams have not yet been introduced by the league.

According to the announcement made in July 2023, the quarterback also owns a team for E1, which is a race boat competition that allows participants to bring their own teams.

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