The Detroit Pistons are added to the list of NBA teams with the longest losing streaks.

A record for the longest losing streak in the history of the franchise was established when the Detroit Pistons were defeated by the Philadelphia 76ers by a score of 129-111.Pistons vs. Pacers final score: Detroit snaps 11-game losing streak, avoids  franchise record for losses in a season - Detroit Bad Boys

The Pistons, who are currently 2-22, began the season with a record of 2-1, with victories over the Chicago Bulls and the Charlotte Hornets. However, they went on to lose their next 21 games.On October 28, Detroit defeated the Bulls by a score of 118-102, which was their most recent victory.


Despite their best efforts, the Pistons are unable to avoid a winless month.Mr. Bontemps, Tim
Despite the fact that they are only scoring 108 points a game, the Pistons are allowing an average of 118 points per game. This is the third-lowest average in the league, with the Memphis Grizzlies and the Portland Trail Blazers being the only teams that are better.

There have only been seven previous franchises in the history of the NBA that have failed to win at least twenty games in a row. The following is a list of their unsuccessful attempts:
Three consecutive defeats: 26.13–14 season of the Philadelphia 76ers
Consecutive defeats totaling 26
Bobcats of Charlotte, 2011–12 team
23 consecutive defeats in a row

It is a 7-59 record overall.

After finishing the season with the worst record in the history of the sport, the Bobcats concluded the season with an average of just 87 points per game, which placed them bottom in the league.
In total, the record is 19-63.
Denver Nuggets, 1997–1998 year
The Grizzlies of Vancouver, 1995–1996
23 consecutive defeats in a row

In total, the record is 15-67.

During the same season, Vancouver came dangerously close to losing two more games in a row. The Memphis Grizzlies started the season with a perfect record, including a victory in overtime over the Minnesota Timberwolves and rookie Kevin Garnett. Almost immediately after that, they went on to lose 19 consecutive games.

After returning from the All-Star break, the Memphis Grizzlies defeated the Sacramento Kings by a score of 93-86. However, they then had yet another significant decline and went on to lose 23 games in a row.23 consecutive defeats in a row

In total, the record is 11-71.

In the twenty-six years leading up to their championship victory in 2023, the Nuggets suffered through one of the longest losing streaks in the history of the National Basketball Association. The Nuggets had only two players that participated in all 82 games of the season, despite the fact that LaPhonso Ellis was the team’s best scorer with 14.3 points per game.

Although Denver scored an average of 89 points per game, it allowed its opponents to score 100.8 points, which resulted in the club ranking second to bottom in terms of points per game. As the season came to a close, the Nuggets finished with the worst record in the overall league.Brett Brown was the coach of the Sixers, while Thaddeus Young was the team’s leader. Young did not score more than 17.9 points per game on average.What is the longest losing streak in an NBA season? Could the Pistons break  it? - AS USA

Only 15 games were won by the 76ers before they entered their NBA record-tying 26-game losing streak. After that, they only won four more games throughout the entire season.

In total, the record is 19-63.

Following the Cavaliers’ elimination from the playoffs in the semifinals of the 2010 season, LeBron James eventually became a free agent without any restrictions.

During the announcement special that he called “The Decision,” LeBron James disclosed that he will “take his talents to South Beach” and join with the Miami Heat.

Following James’ departure from the Cavaliers, the team went on a losing skid that lasted for 26 consecutive games, which established a new record for the longest losing streak in the history of the NBA.


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