The fastest NHL skater ever?

The National Hockey League is a league dedicated to speed. If one player were to merely outskate another player before shooting the puck past the goaltender, then that person would have become one of the greatest players in the history of the game. An incredible number of skaters are capable of flying. Jack Hughes and Nathan MacKinnon are examples of stars who, once they get going, are difficult to defeat. Grinders such as Miles Wood and Andreas Athanasiou have the potential to outskate the majority of the league’s players in a race that is a straight line.

On a tremendous play, a player may break 20 miles per hour once or twice during the course of a season in other leagues, but the National Hockey League (NHL) sees this happen on a regular basis. Newly, the National Hockey League began monitoring this data, which allows us to have a better idea of how quickly players are skating. The forward for the Philadelphia Flyers, Owen Tippett, holds the highest peak speed of the season as of the time this article was written. He scored a goal in overtime at a speed of 24.21 miles per hour.

After determining who had the fastest burst, our next question is to determine who has been the fastest skater in the league’s whole history from the beginning. Naturally, some of the older stars, such as Maurice Richard, will be difficult to track down because these individuals did not have access to the data back then. On the other hand, it is generally accepted that athletes are becoming more powerful and faster as a result of the increased knowledge that we have regarding the science of the human body. In light of this, it is reasonable to believe that players in general are significantly faster now than they were in the 1950s and 1960s.

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Every year, the National Hockey League (NHL) holds a tournament at the All-Star Game game. A lap around the rink is required of the competitors in the competition to see who is the fastest skater. Therefore, this ought to be a simple matter to figure out, right?

There is a problem with the fact that the competition for the quickest Skater does not always contain the quickest skaters. There are instances when players are not invited to participate in the All-Star Game, and even those who are accepted do not wish to partake. Connor McDavid had won the tournament for three years in a row, but he chose not to participate in the competition during the previous season, which allowed Andrei Svechnikov, a forward for the Carolina Hurricanes, to emerge victorious.

Since the year 1990, the competition known as the Fastest Skater has been held. In light of the fact that the most talented skaters would have participated in the fun at least once, this provides us with a decent selection of stars from which to choose. Earlier, we reported that McDavid had won the competition for three consecutive years. It is true that he is the only player in the history of the competition to win consecutive competitions. All of the following individuals were victorious in two competitions: Mike Gartner, Scott Niedermayer, Peter Bondra, Sami Kapanen, and Sergei Federov. It was actually Gartner who triumphed in the inaugural competition, and he skated at an incredible speed of 28.1 miles per hour.

On the other hand, none of them currently holds the record for the quickest skating competition. Not only did Jonathan Drouin complete the challenge in 13.1 seconds, but he did so while following a predetermined path. With a time of 13.172 seconds, Dylan Larkin is the current holder of the record for a skate around the rink. Gartner’s record, which had stood for decades, was surpassed by this.

It goes without saying that hockey is not played in a linear fashion. A total of ten players and two goalies are attempting to obstruct the path of every player on the ice. In order to determine who is the quickest skater, we need to look at the game that is taking place on the ice. Five skaters come to mind in particular: McDavid, Niedermayer, Bondra, Pavel Bure, and MacKinnon.

First things first, let’s talk about MacKinnon, because prior to this season, it’s possible that he could not even be considered. However, this season is completely absurd in every way. Every single player in the league, including McDavid, is being outskated by him by a significant margin. It is the 71st time this season that he has exceeded 22 miles per hour. It’s completely absurd. Despite the fact that he has only done it 43 times, McDavid is ranked second on the list. When it comes to rushing at speeds greater than 20 miles per hour, MacKinnon has completed 449 of them over his career. The frequency with which MacKinnon is hitting strides that would likely result in him being pulled over in a school zone is absolutely absurd.

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During this season, MacKinnon is outperforming the other players, but McDavid has been in this position for quite some time. Over the course of the past two seasons, he has been the league leader in each of these speed categories. On ice, he routinely achieves speeds of more than 24 miles per hour. The most important weapon that he possesses is his speed, which makes him the best player in the league.


Although Bondra does not have these amazing statistics outside of the Fastest Skater competition, it is impossible to deny that he was extremely fast. During his time with the Washington Capitals, he was a member of the penalty kill unit, and he was always going the opposite way. He set a franchise record by scoring 32 goals while the team was shorthanded. At one point, he scored four goals in only four minutes.

Both Niedermayer and Paul Coffey are frequently regarded as the two fastest defenseman in the history of the sport; yet, Niedermayer has a few more significant plays in which his speed is readily apparent. The time that he spent with the Devils made it quite evident how talented he was. It is possible that he did not make headlines due to the fact that he played alongside Scott Stevens and Martin Brodeur; yet, opponents were aware of who they needed to gameplan for against him. In the blink of an eye, Niedermayer has the ability to completely change the course of a play.

A considerable amount of speed is required in order to get the nickname “Rocket,” particularly in the sport of hockey, where one of the most famous players in the history of the game already possessed the name. Even though Pavel Bure was playing during the time of the Neutral Zone Trap, his speed was still something that was visible on a nightly basis. His efforts have become even more outstanding as a result. In order to beat the way the game was played in the 1990s, you needed to have record-breaking speed. On his path to a career that would earn him a spot in the Hall of Fame, the “Russian Rocket” would easily go behind defenses.

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The winner is unquestionably McDavid, despite the fact that all of these guys are worthy of it. The fact that someone can skate with such grace while also looking like a Mack Truck is something that we have never seen before. He had the appearance of a train that is stuck on ice. It appears as though his skates are powered by electricity since they are able to glide over the boards. Our money is on McDavid to win the race between the skaters who have ever been the quickest in the history of the sport.

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