Tom Brady picks his 2023 NFL MVP favorite between Christian McCaffrey and Brock Purdy

Unintentionally, Brock Purdy and Christian McCaffrey are competing against one another for the Most Valuable Player title. The award is focused on quarterbacks, and Purdy has a fairly good chance of winning it despite the fact that this is only his second season playing in the National Football League. The fact that McCaffrey plays running back does not change the fact that he is an extremely dynamic player and that he has decent odds.

Tom Brady, a multiple-time winner of the Most Valuable Player award in the National Football League, recently shared his thoughts on the controversy. Through his podcast titled “Let’s Go!”, he clarified the situation on who he considers to be the Most Valuable Player, and he also deferred to Purdy’s opinion regarding who he considers to be the MVP:

Simply put, he is doing a lot of what he has done in the past this year. There are some different options available to them, and they have been incredibly dynamic on offense. This is a different squad. My opinion is that he is the most likely candidate for the Most Valuable Player award, and according to his quarterback, Brock Purdy, he is also saying some incredible things about him.
Despite the fact that the chances may not be in their favor, both Brady and Purdy have recognized McCaffrey as a significant contributor to the transformation of the offense in San Francisco. They have been a different club ever since he was acquired from the Carolina Panthers in a trade the previous year.

Brady stated that he does receive a vote, which indicates that there is a possibility that McCaffrey will be selected for at least one position. McCaffrey had the following to say:

Tom Brady picks his 2023 NFL MVP favorite between Christian McCaffrey and Brock Purdy

It is imperative that you vote for Brock, since he is deserving of it. I find it really frustrating whenever I hear someone say anything negative about him, as he has been an incredible asset to this club. It’s a common saying that everyone is a system quarterback. “You’re just a system quarterback.” I believe that is a significant part of what it means to be a quarterback.
In the coming year, it will be fascinating to observe how things eventually turn out.

Would Christian McCaffrey or Brock Purdy be the more valuable player?
Brock Purdy has the best chance of winning the Most Valuable Player award at the moment, according to the odds. Based on the odds of -190, he is the favorite. There are a couple of players who are connected to him and Christian McCaffrey, as McCaffrey continues to face odds that are quite lengthy at +1200.

There is no doubt that both of them have a valid argument to advocate for. Purdy is now ranked second in the NFL in terms of both passing yards and completion %. Moreover, he is in first place with an astounding passer rating of 119. It has been a wonderful week.

Christian McCaffrey, on the other hand, is a significant distance ahead of the competition in terms of rushing yards. With 1292 yards, he is 324 yards ahead of everyone else in the field. Even though he was absent for a half of the game, he is the only player who currently has more than one thousand yards rushing.

Among all players in this season, he has scored the third-most touchdowns on the ground. Not to be outdone, he has also contributed five hundred nine receiving yards, which is more than the majority of other players, and seven touchdowns through the air with his receptions. Moreover, he has not only failed to come down with 11 targets.

In addition, there is a case that can be lodged against both of the players. The argument that Purdy doesn’t have to accomplish anything is made by a lot of critics. The offensive mastermind Kyle Shanahan is in charge of the system in San Francisco, which is a football team.

He is shielded from harm by an enormously powerful offensive line that features what is arguably the best offensive tackle in the game. The Purdy team is fortunate to have the best running back in the National Football League to pass the ball to, who also happens to be an outstanding receiver.

Tom Brady picks his 2023 NFL MVP favorite between Christian McCaffrey and Brock Purdy

While we are on the subject of receivers, Deebo Samuel is among the greatest in the National Football League (he also rushes as a halfback on occasion), and Brandon Aiyuk is an exceptionally skilled player. The quarterback also gets the opportunity to throw to one of the best tight ends in the game; therefore, how useful can a single player in that offense be when they are surrounded by All-Pros?

The fact that McCaffrey is even in the running as a candidate is sufficient evidence to show that Purdy is not as valuable as he appears to be. How valuable is it for one of the two players on a single offense to be considered for the Most Valuable Player award?

When it comes to McCaffrey, this is also true, albeit to a lesser extent, because he does not rely on anyone other than his blockers and Purdy on occasion. Running back, on the other hand, is the offensive position with the lowest value, which means that being the greatest at that position (even by a significant margin) is not necessarily all that useful.

As a result of the fact that Lamar Jackson is just behind Purdy, it is possible that a new favorite will emerge in the future if McCaffrey continues to rise or if Purdy falls.

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