‘Uncomfortable’ with Atlanta Falcons head coach Bill Belichick as fresh issue surfaced regarding his next NFL position

Due to a past disagreement with the team’s CEO, Bill Belichick, the legendary coach of the New England Patriots, might not be very interested in working for the Atlanta Falcons, per sources.

With his legendary tenure as head coach of the Patriots coming to a close, Belichick is searching for his next NFL position.

Atlanta Falcons Interview Bill Belichick for Second Time | News | NFL News  - Times of India

Although many teams have expressed interest in Belichick, the Falcons are now the clear favorites.

According to reports, he is the only candidate who has had two interviews with the Falcons; the second one was held last Friday.

However, it’s reported that Atlanta hasn’t decided on their next coach yet, with a number of other candidates still pending interviews.

Ben Johnson, the offensive coordinator for the Detroit Lions, was the thirteenth candidate to interview on Sunday night for the Falcons’ open head coaching position.

OFFICIAL: Falcons Interview Belichick for Coach Vacancy, 'Mutual Interest'
Given his reputation, Belichick is still considered the favorite, but Sports Illustrated suggests the 71-year-old may not be quite thrilled with his new position in Atlanta.

According to the article, Belichick and Falcons CEO Rich McKay have been at odds for a long time.

After serving as the NFL Competition Committee Chair, McKay joined the Falcons in a new position last year.

Bill Belichick 'uncomfortable' with Atlanta Falcons chief as new problem  emerges for next NFL job

Belichick would not be “comfortable with any sort of arrangement where he’s reporting to McKay,” according to the suggestion.

Belichick was accustomed to having complete control over the club’s personnel at the Patriots, but he had made it clear before he left that he was willing to give up that authority if it would benefit the organization more.

The Washington Commanders have been mentioned by Hall of Famer Howie Long as a possible destination for Belichick in the offseason, and the Falcons are not the only team searching for a new head coach.

OFFICIAL: Atlanta Falcons Interview Bill Belichick for Coach Vacancy,  'Mutual Interest' - Sports Illustrated Atlanta Falcons News, Analysis and  More

He said: “I think the quarterback is a key component…

“I think you gotta get the number one, number two, or number three spot.

“If I were Bill, if I thought Washington could get a quarterback, I might go to Washington.

“Bill is an East Coast native who grew up in Annapolis, where his father was a coach. He enjoys the water and has a yacht with eight rings.

The Commanders, who own the second overall pick in the draft, could select a quarterback with exceptional skills, such as Caleb Williams, Dake Maye, or Jayden Daniels, to meet their demand.

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