US Open 2023: Why Coco Gauff is such an outspoken tennis player

Born Cori Dionne Gauff on March 13, 2004, in Delray Beach, Florida, Coco Gauff is a well-known racial justice activist in addition to being a budding tennis player.At the juvenile age of 15, she upset childhood idol Venus Williams at the Wimbledon Championships, sparking her rise to fame. This young American professional tennis player’s career took a surprising turn after this triumph.

Gauff’s family history has greatly influenced how she has developed into the athlete and person she is today. Coco was exposed to athletics at an early age, having been born to Delray Beach, Florida locals Candi and Corey Gauff. Her father played basketball for Georgia State University in his collegiate days before becoming an executive in the healthcare industry. Her mother was a teacher and a former Florida State University track and field athlete. Gauff’s extraordinary skill and discipline on the court are clear results of her parents’ sporting heritage.

Ten-year-old Gauff trained in a French academy owned by a professional tennis player who had worked with Serena Williams for years. She became one of the youngest winners of the French Open junior girls event at the age of 14, and at 13, she was the youngest finalist in the history of the U.S. Open junior girls. Her greatest quality that makes her stand out in women’s tennis is her serve, especially her second serve.

Coco Gauff

But Gauff’s influence goes beyond the tennis court. Using her social media platforms to spread her message, she has emerged as a prominent leader in the American fight for racial justice. She became even more well-known after a stirring speech she made in Florida went viral and demonstrated her influence on social concerns in addition to tennis.

Gauff said at the time at a press conference, “I was talking off the cuff and was really nervous.” “Yet when you speak from the heart, the message is understood.

“I believe George Floyd awakened many people’s eyes, but this is a subject that has always resonated with me, even as a young child.”I was able to express it verbally at last.”Gauff acknowledged that her grandmother gave her the confidence to use her social media presence for charitable purposes.

Coco Gauff

She’s a major factor in how I use my platform and why I feel so at ease speaking up. She was the first African American student to attend Seacrest High School, for those who may not be aware. She was picked to be the high school’s integrator. She had a great deal on her plate. That was, I believe, six months after Ruby Bridges completed her integration. Racial inequality was just one of the many issues she had to cope with. I am inspired by the way she leads and the way she is so compassionate to everyone, no matter what their background. I often say I enjoy to because of this.

must be aware of everyone’s viewpoint. Some folks don’t know any other way because they were reared in a particular setting. She instilled in me the values of kindness and empathy in all circumstances. Considering what she endured during that time, I believe that my actions, such as tweeting or giving a speech, pale in comparison. She always reminds me that, above all, I’m a human, not an athlete.Gauff has demonstrated maturity and genuineness in her activism despite her childhood. Her dedication to advocating for change is evident in her impassioned speeches and posts on social media. She exhorts everyone to utilize their voices to demand change, regardless of the size of their platform. Because of her advocacy and stellar tennis career, Coco Gauff is a fascinating character in both social justice and athletics.

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