Warriors guard Chris Paul broke his left hand, requiring surgery.

During the Warriors’ victory over the Detroit Pistons by a score of 113-109 on Friday night, Golden State Warriors player Chris Paul suffered a fracture to his left hand. He will need surgery the following week.

Warriors guard Chris Paul broke his left hand, requiring surgery.
Warriors guard Chris Paul broke his left hand, requiring surgery.


Following the conclusion of the game, the Warriors made a statement concerning Paul, who is 38 years old and is anticipated to return to the team this season. Paul was attempting to make a three-point shot from the right wing with 6:08 remaining in the third quarter when he made contact with Jaden Ivey of Detroit. He was moving to try to capture the long rebound because he had missed the shot. Immediately prior to entering the locker room, Paul caught hold of his hand.

“That is difficult; I feel so bad for Chris. I know he has had a couple of hand surgeries before; I believe, maybe on the other hand,” said coach Steve Kerr. “It’s a tough situation.” “I was immediately concerned when I saw him holding it,” she said. The word was just received after I had gotten up from the floor. I am completely heartbroken for Chris, and it is apparent that other players will step up and be ready to perform. In the absence of him, we are going to have to secure the fort.

On the day of the draft, Paul was acquired from Washington in exchange for Jordan Poole. Prior to that, Paul had been traded to the Wizards from Phoenix. To this point in the season, the point guard has not only started the last four games but has also been in charge of the reserves. On Friday, he played for 23 minutes and finished with eight points, six rebounds, and four assists.



One of Paul’s teammates in Phoenix, Dario Saric, remarked, “It’s tough; Chris is a really big part of the team.” Saric is also Paul’s teammate. It is going to be necessary for us to find a solution to this problem. “It is a tremendous loss.”

Averaging 9.0 points, 7.3 assists, and 3.7 rebounds, Paul entered the game on Friday with a strong performance.¬†“It’s going to be tough; Chris is an all-time great, and he’s fit right into our team and made life so much easier, not only on Steph, but he’s kind of captained that second unit,” according to Kerr.

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