1.35 million birds are being killed on an Ohio egg farm due to avian flu. 

– An Ohio egg farm is slaughtering over 1.3 million chickens as the avian flu continues to plague the business.

– A case was detected in the flock this week, prompting the USDA to slaughter all 1.35 million hens on the farm in Union County, Ohio, to stop the spread of the extremely contagious illness.

Since fewer wild birds are spreading the virus, the early 2022 outbreak has been significantly less severe this year. However, 8.1 million birds have been culled this year to manage the disease, including 5.8 million last month when several large egg farms were hit. 

One Iowa and one Minnesota egg farm had to kill 1.2 million and 940,000 chickens, respectively.Egg farms are larger than turkey or chicken farms, sometimes with millions of birds. 

Iowa, the nation's top egg producer, has been affected hardest by this outbreak, killing roughly 17.3 million birds. Ohio is a top egg producer, yet avian flu has killed only 5.1 million birds there. 

– Large bird flu cases were reported on farms in Minnesota, Maryland, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Georgia, and California this week. 198,200 chickens were slaughtered in a Maryland chicken farm, the largest case.

– Around 58 million birds were killed in 2022 due to the pandemic. Wild bird droppings and nasal discharges spread the highly contagious virus.

– Farmers require staff to shower and change clothes before entering barns, sanitize trucks that enter farms, and buy barn-specific instruments to prevent the virus from infecting their flocks. However, the virus is hard to contain, especially along wintering bird migration routes.

– Health officials believe avian flu isn't a major concern. Human cases are rare, and diseased birds are banned from the food supply. at kill viruses, roast poultry and eggs at 165 degrees Fahrenheit (73.89 degrees Celsius).

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