10 Incredible Nail Ideas for Each Season

Winter Nail Art Ideas

This snowflake manicure is pretty advanced, but you can use this nail design idea as inspo for an easier-to-recreate alternative! For a beginner version


Use a darker blue polish for your base coat, then a thin white brush to add white tips and a few dots of snow flurries to each nail.

Blue Details

 Paint four nails on each hand in a darker blue or gray, leaving one free for something a little funkier. Using a thin brush, swirl lighter shades or metallics onto the accent nail.

Wintry Trees

This design is on the more advanced side and might be better suited for a professional nail artist.

Spring Nail Art Ideas

A daisy manicure can be as colorful as you’d like it to be. Prep your nails with whatever base coat color helps you embrace the spring season—you can use the same color on every nail or mix things up

Colorful French Mani

Mix things up for spring by using a neutral shade for most of your nails and a thinner brush to follow along the curve of each one with a color that makes you smile.

Floral Details

Brighten up a beige or pale pink base with colorful details near your nail beds and at the tip of your nails. If you want to get super detailed with this style, a set of nail art pens might be easier to work with than brushes.

Orange Details

You can use it as an accent color with neutrals—like the gray and gold in this photo—or kick it up a notch by painting orange plaid or pumpkins on your nails.

Gold Sparkle

Forget everything you ever heard about not wearing white after Labor Day. By mixing white polish with gold metallic details, you can keep a white manicure in season well into the fall.

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