3 Philadelphia Flyers Captain Candidates

Since March 2022, when the Philadelphia Flyers traded Claude Giroux, who had been the team's captain for ten seasons, 

to the Florida Panthers, the team has not had a "C" on the front of any of the players' sweaters.

A great deal of time has passed since then. John Tortorella, the head coach of the squad, has been quite vocal about the fact that the team does not require or have a designated captain.

 Only Scott Laughton has a letter "A" placed above the Flyers crest. Laughton is the only one. In light of the fact that the hold-off has occurred and that Flyers troll DrEvilGritty has posted some reports on Twitter/X, who are some of the most likely candidates for the position of captain?

Sean Couturier, also known as the longest-tenured active Philadelphia Flyer, is currently 31 years old. During the time that they spent together in Philadelphia, he served as an alternate captain to Claude Giroux for a number of years.

 He has the understanding and experience necessary to be a leader. After missing the entirety of the previous season due to an injury, Couturier appears to be in better shape than ever before, recording numbers that are comparable to those of his younger, Selke-like self. 

Couturier has a remarkable longevity, having played for the orange and black for more than a decade and returned to action after suffering a back injury in 2021-22 that was thought to be the end of his career and undergoing surgery in 2022-23. 

Throughout his career, he has demonstrated that he is the most important member of this team. Without Couturier in the lineup, the Flyers had a very difficult time competing in the previous season.

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