3 Zodiac Signs Listen To Their Friend's Advice On November 26, 2023

We're starting to question if we should have listened to our friend's counsel when they warned us NOT to do something that we went ahead and did anyhow, a long, long time ago.

On November 26, 2023, we shall see a transit that will make us say, "I told you so."

So, for three zodiac signs, the transit of the Moon opposite Mars will reinforce the notion that perhaps we should have listened. 

Perhaps we should not have been so oblivious to the reality, and perhaps they were correct all along. We can't change the past, and there's nothing we can do abo

Today we discover that what was obvious to others was also behind the reason they warned us to stay away. This could be for health reasons or for love reasons

What we do know is that on November 26, 2023, we will be sorry for not listening to our friends, as it will become clear during the Moon's opposition to Mars that they were correct.

1. Taurus

The odd thing about you, Taurus, is that you heard everything your pals say when they gave you advise. While you thought about it and thanked them, you just wanted to do it your way... regardless. 

2. Cancer

You may sense a tint of rage... towards yourself during the Moon opposite Mars transit. You now realize you did something'stupid.' 

3.  Sagittarius

You've been in the 'I did it my way' club for so long that you've convinced yourself that taking advice from others is done just to placate those who give it. 

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