5 Chinese Zodiac Signs Are Luckiest The Week Of November 27 - December 3

Success favors the taker. This week, November 27–December 3, 2023, is about that. Leveraging this information benefits five Chinese zodiac signs most.

Rooster, Pig, Ox, Rabbit, and Rat—but not the rest of the zodiac.

The lucky I Ching hexagram this week is Fire over Mountain (#56). It's telling us to try our luck because... did you know you could? Of course, external good fortune can strike unexpectedly.

For the full Moon on November 27, perform a Moon manifestation ceremony if you feel called. Don't let auspicious energy fade away—tap into it to generate a wonderful romance, a promotion, or anything else.

Let's look at the five luckiest Chinese zodiac signs this week, November 27–December 3.

Your luck is special this week, Rooster. It's grounded in your long-term goals and ambitions. It will make reaching new milestones easy. 

1. Rooster: Seed Luck

A pig, huh? Amazing luck this week. You'll amaze the critics and doubters around you with your accomplishments and victories. Please note that this luck will not cover all your needs. Only one.

2. Pig (Winning)

3. Ox: Visionary Luck

Ox, your luck is fantastic this week. Not children's book-like. This is the alchemy that makes a nobody the president of a nation, start a global corporation, or gain incredible celebrity. 

4. Rabbit: Step-up Luck

Rabbit, your luck this week has restrictions. Do not worry! They're probable. Just focus on your top priority and luck will smile at you. Be mindful that this luck may surprise you or take unexpected forms. 

5. Rat: Luck of the world 

Rat, your luck this week is worldly. You may experience it in various ways. Some of you may experience it when traveling for business or pleasure. Others may encounter it when interacting with foreigners in your town or city.

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