5 Habits of Success, or the Habits of the Successful

What distinguishes successful people? Most people look for habits that produce the best outcomes, whether they want to better their relationships, work, fitness, or other areas of their lives. 

Certain trends show up when looking at the daily schedules of today's athletes, celebrities, and corporate executives.  

Science demonstrates that modest, regular efforts add up to extraordinary results over time.

Most ultra-successful people start early, win those crucial first few hours, and start from a proactive, peaceful position. Apple CEO Tim Cook, Virgin CEO Richard Branson, and other presidents rise before 5 a.m. Entrepreneurs, scientists, writers, and athletes also wake up between 5 and 6 a.m.

1. Wake up early and manage the day

Along with early waking times, successful people in practically every field exercise regularly. Sergey Brin follows a tight fitness routine, Oprah goes outdoors when feasible, and Bill Gates exercises for an hour daily. Healthy eating, exercise, and sleep improve mental and physical health.

2. Exercise and Wellness Regularly

Successful people also read, from Warren Buffet reading hundreds of pages everyday to IT and business leaders reading hundreds of books weekly. Zuckerberg spends at least an hour reading in the morning. Bill Gates reads 50 books year. Musk reportedly reads two books daily.

3. Read a lot and learn

With so many distractions and superficial work, successful people block off 2 to 3 hours daily to focus on their most important tasks. Writers shun digital distractions to concentrate. Innovative people disregard meetings and calls to analyze problems deeply.

4. Spend time focusing on important work

No one succeeds hugely alone. Every success, achievement, and legacy has mentors, coaches, partners, and networks providing inspiration, feedback, accountability, and more. The most successful corporate executives and creatives credit their developmental relationships and communities.

5. Build Great Support System

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