7 Critical Things To Know Before Getting Married

It's upsetting to see the gloomy statistics these days about the divorce rate vs the number of true successful marriages.

As a divorce and relationship therapist for women, I hear from my clients all the time 

how they essentially leaped into marriage only to discover later in those same relationships that there were so many things they wished they had known before saying I do.

Compatibility: Beyond love, assess compatibility in terms of values, life goals, finances, family, and lifestyle. Shared values and goals form a strong foundation for a lasting relationship. 

Communication: Open, honest, and effective communication is essential. Discuss your expectations, fears, dreams, and any concerns openly. Learn how to navigate disagreements respectfully. 

Financial Alignment: Discuss finances openly, including spending habits, debts, and long-term financial goals. Aligning financial values can prevent future conflicts. 

Conflict Resolution: Understand how both of you handle conflicts. Assess if you can resolve disagreements constructively and if both are willing to compromise. 

Family Planning: Discuss plans regarding children, parenting styles, and the timing of starting a family. Ensure you both have a similar vision for the future. 

Support Systems: Understand each other's support systems, including family and friends. A supportive network is crucial in navigating challenges. 

Personal Growth: Both partners should have room for personal growth and individual pursuits. Marriage should enhance personal development rather than hinder it. 

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