7 Delicious San-Antonio Street Foods During This Winter

San Antonio has a vibrant street food culture. Even while winter temperatures aren't as cold as in other parts of the country, the city has wonderful winter street cuisine. 

 These seven winter San Antonio street dishes are delicious:


Wintertime tamales are a popular Mexican street dish. Masa (corn dough) with savory or sweet ingredients is wrapped in corn husks and cooked.


Champurrado, masa-thickened Mexican hot chocolate with cinnamon and vanilla, will warm you up. This winter drink is rich and warming.


While elote (grilled corn on the cob) is popular year-round, it's a wonderful winter snack. Corn is usually coated in mayonnaise, cotija cheese, chili powder, and lime.

Birria Tacos

Birria, a spicy beef or goat stew, is popular in tacos. Birria tacos are dipped in creamy broth then crisped on the griddle, providing a delicious flavor and texture combination.


Gorditas are thick maize tortillas filled with seasoned meats, beans, cheese, and salsa. They're a filling street food.


Enjoy cinnamon-sugar-dusted churros. Street sellers and local fairs and markets sell these, which go well with hot chocolate or coffee.


Refried beans, melted cheese, and ham or chorizo top bolillos (Mexican rolls) in molletes. Toasted till the cheese is gooey and tasty, they are a soothing winter street dish.

Christmas Tree Cookies

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