7 Easy 5-Ingredient Recipes For Nights

You can easily mark off the task of preparing supper from your long list of things to do by using these very simple recipes that only require five ingredients.

These dinners include a variety of options, including chicken, steak, and pasta. Every single one of these recipes calls for no more than five simple components, in addition to some fundamentals like salt, pepper, and oil.

Let's talk about the essentials that are found in the kitchen. We brought up salt (kosher is our very favorite! ), pepper, and oil since we are confident that you already have these ingredients in your kitchen cabinets. 

We are also including garlic and butter on the list because both of these ingredients are essential to practically every savory recipe that can be found on our website (really, if you think about it, what doesn't benefit from more garlic flavor?).

If you have them in your arsenal, you will be able to transform even the most basic of ingredients into something that is truly delicious for dinner.

Sheet Pan Sausage & Vegetables

When we need a simple evening dinner, we cook this. It uses any veggies you have and requires no effort. Waiting for the sheet pan to bake takes most of the time, and there are few dishes to clean. 

Cajun-Stuffed Chicken

Cajun seasoning is a top 5 Test Kitchen chef favorite. We adore how spicy and tangy it makes everything it touches. Spice makes this stuffed chicken meal a great leftover since the flavor lasts.

One-Pan Cheesy Sausage Gnocchi

Seasoned sausage, canned marinara, and fresh potato gnocchi make this simple dinner tasty with minimal prep and cooking time. For lazy nights when you want comfort, carbs, and cheese.

Black Bean Tostadas

These black bean tostadas are the simplest and fastest supper with only 5 ingredients. You may add corn salsa, avocado ranch, or crisp veggies like radishes or pickled red onions, but keeping things simple as we did here is delicious too.

Homemade Philly Cheesesteaks

Philly cheesesteaks are famous for a reason! Thinly cut steak, jammy caramelized onions, and gooey melted cheese are addicting. We added bell peppers and mushrooms to emulate West Coast cuisine, but you may keep it basic or add more.

Orecchiette With Broccoli Rabe

Italian orecchiette—"little ears"—is a highly underappreciated and underused pasta. These small indentations catch so much sauce! The sauce resembles cacio e pepe. Only butter, pasta water, pepper, and cheese are needed. Toasting peppers in butter is crucial. 

Cheesy White Bean Skillet

A quick supper on the go? You probably have these ingredients in your kitchen. You can make this with eggs, canned white beans, and marinara! Best part? This simple, cheesy meal takes under 30 minutes. 

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