9 Nail Art Trends You’re About to See Everywhere in 2024

Floating French tips

French tips have completely taken over the nailsphere for next year, and the spring 2024 runways were no exception. 

3D jelly art

Despite being extremely popular in Korea and Japan in recent years, 3D jelly nails have struggled to gain the same traction in the United States. But that's set to change in 2024, according to our experts, who have noticed an increase in 3D

Swirl nails

Swirl nails, ripple nails, whoa, that looks like water nails — whatever you want to call them, as long as they're for 2024. As we enter the new year, these twirly, swirly nails can be found on almost every artist's Instagram feed, and for good reason:

Aura nail art

The good news (or terrible news, if you're a h8r) is: In 2024, aura nails aren't going away. In fact, according to our experts, they're one of the greatest nail-art trends we can anticipate to see next year — and we're not complaining. 

Glazed porcelain nails

Sorry, Grandma, but we're putting your old pottery on our nails for 2024. "Blue-and-white prints have had a resurgence in popularity recently because they're effortlessly elegant, timeless, 

Molten chrome accents

Chrome — specifically, a full set of monotone silver that screamed sparkle — was one of the biggest manicure trends and pedicure colors of 2023. 

Y2K flowers

If you were born in the early 2000s, you undoubtedly spent the first few years of your manicured life with floral nail art covering your toes. But don't worry, the squared-off French tips will not be joining us in 2024 — only the dots flowers scattered throughout each fingernail.

Mono-crystal nails

The mono-crystal mani (also seen at Eudon Choi's spring/summer show) is one of the simplest nail art trends of 2024, requiring very no expertise or forethought.

Alphabet nails

Alphabet manis — individually lettered nails that have begun to appear in various iterations as we approach the new year — are back in session for 2024.

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