A final push from the Packers president sends Aaron Rodgers out.

Packers' President, Mark Murphy, called Aaron Rodgers a "complicated fella" and hinted at a potential return if things don't work out elsewhere.

Murphy prioritizes Packers' interests, as evident from his latest comments about Rodgers' performance with the Jets.

Packers fans are curious about Rodgers and other ex-Packers' performance, especially as one of their 2024 draft picks depends on the Jets' results.

If Rodgers plays 65% of snaps for the Jets, they will send their first-round pick to Green Bay; otherwise, it's a second-rounder.

Murphy admits he wants Rodgers to succeed but also hopes for the Jets to have a bad year for a higher draft pick.

The Jets' performance impacts the Packers' draft position, making it an important factor to watch for Packers fans.

Murphy's focus remains on securing the best outcomes for the Packers' future, even if it means Rodgers performing well elsewhere.

The situation showcases the business aspect of football and how team decisions are made with long-term interests in mind.

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