On Undisputed, a former Laker mocks Draymond Green's new prank.

Draymond Green and Nick Young were teammates for several seasons with the Golden State Warriors, when Young earned his only championship. Despite the fact that the two did not spend much time on the squad together, Young is fully aware of the fights Green has been involved in over the last few months.  

Green's altercations have a pattern, according to Young. Earlier this season, Rudy Gobert noticed a pattern in Draymond Green's ejections and claimed the four-time champion doesn't want to play while Steph Curry is absent. 

But what about Curry's postseason stomp on Domantas Sabonis' chest, or the current confrontation with Jusuf Nurkic?  

According to Nick Young, Draymond Green appears to be on the prowl for foreign players, including Sabonis, Gobert, and Nurkic. Young took aim at an old coworker on a recent episode of "Undisputed" with Skip Bayless. 

As NBA fans may recall, Nick Young once claimed that Draymond Green tried to hit him in the face in the same way that he struck Jordan Poole. Young described his feelings after Green delivered a clean punch to Jordan Poole, despite the fact that the two had only worked together for one season.  

When a fan tweeted Young about Green punching Poole, the guard shared his story and cracked a joke. Green, in his opinion, has a quarrel with players who specialize in corner threes.  

Despite the unfavorable reaction, Green stated after the Warriors' game against the Suns that he had no plans to attack Nurkic. Green apologized to Nurkic after the game, claiming that he was only attempting to sell a call.  

Given that this is Green's second incident of the season, and his third in the last 30 games if you include last year's playoff game, the NBA may be forced to take a firm stance. Following a five-game suspension for his altercation with Rudy Gobert, the NBA is ready to crack the whip. 

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