A stunning $5 NFL anytime touchdown parlay won one bettor $489,000 and his response was hilarious.

When it comes to touchdowns, there are those that simply mean more.

Christian McCaffrey's touchdown pass from nine yards out during the second quarter of Monday Night Football against 

the Ravens was the climax of an extraordinary $5 wager that turned out to be worth $489,383.01 for one bettor at DraftKings Sportsbook.

For Week 16 of the National Football League, the bettor made a wager of $5 on a 14-leg anytime touchdown parlay 

for games beginning on Saturday featuring Pittsburgh Steelers running back Najee Harris and Buffalo Bills wide receiver Gabe Davis.

On Monday, the bettor had to endure the discomfort of seeing De'Andre Swift play. Swift was declared down at the 1-yard line

 on two separate occasions, including having a touchdown overturned, before scoring on a touchdown run of six yards in the fourth quarter.

As a result of the fact that McCaffrey, the star quarterback for the 49ers, is one of the most reliable bets to score a touchdown this season (he had scored in 12 of 14 games prior to Monday's game), he was a little less uncomfortable.

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