Aaron Rodgers disagrees with ESPN's statement on his Jimmy Kimmel comments.

As promised on Monday, Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers addressed his comments regarding Jimmy Kimmel and Jeffrey Epstein from the previous week on Tuesday.

He said on Tuesday: "There's a lot of people, including Jimmy Kimmel, really hoping that [Jeffrey Epstein list] doesn't come out."

Instead, Rodgers rambled about COVID vaccines and protocols before explaining that he meant Kimmel would be upset by the mere publication of a Jeffrey Epstein list

 because Rodgers appears to believe Kimmel chastised Rodgers last February for believing such a list exists.

While it is uncertain how smart Rodgers is, he is intelligent enough to manipulate the facts just enough to support his claim that he did not say what he said. 

Rodgers dramatically altered the implications of his statement by slightly changing the root beef with Kimmel 

 to "Kimmel thinks I'm a wacko for saying a Jeffrey Epstein list exists" rather than "Kimmel thinks I'm a wacko for saying the government is using UFO sightings to distract from the Jeffrey Epstein list"

The only flaw in this tactic is that ESPN's Mike Foss acknowledged last week in a formal statement issued by the company that Rodgers "made a dumb and factually inaccurate joke" about Kimmel. 

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