Aaron Rodgers 'likes' the former Pro Bowler's viewpoint against sunscreen.

Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback of the New York Jets, has previously raised eyebrows with some of his actions and statements, and Monday appeared to be no exception.  

A look at Rodgers' likes on X reveals that he was a fan of two-time Pro Bowler Russell Okung's take on a "proud based parent moment."  

"My four year old stopped me asked why other people use sunscreen," he went on to say. "I gave him a serious look and responded,   

Corporations use propaganda machines to convince the public that the sun is bad for them." We have a different point of view, so let's go.'"  

It was Okung's only post that Rodgers liked, as the retired offensive lineman maintained his position on sunscreens.  

"Sunlight plays a vital role in human health," he said. "Don't hide your blessings from the sun."  

Yes, apply sunblock liberally," he added. "Science is baffled by the body's intelligence. The integrity and intuition that comes from above is the key to health freedom."  

The Food and Drug Administration recommends that people use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher. The agency  

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