Aaron Rodgers on 'hot seat' with Jets desperate

Aaron Rodgers is fully aware that he is the center of attention for the Jets, and that is how he wants things to stay.

He is wired that way, just like every quarterback for a team should be.

Your squad, your ball, your match to win, your quest for the Super Bowl, your legacy to create. Or, as in his case, to leave your legacy in New York.

As a Packer, Rodgers would often joke that he owned the Bears because he consistently defeated them; similarly, he now owns the Jets.

He got the key to the kingdom, which is why he owns the Jets.

He tells Woody and Christopher Johnson, the team's real owners, that Robert Saleh, Nathaniel Hackett, and Joe Douglas should only be evaluated when he plays quarterback, and they grant him his wish.

Due to their increasing desperation over the years, the Jets have given Rodgers the same privileges that.

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning enjoyed with the Bucs and the Broncos, respectively, due of his unique skill set. Possibly even more.

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