Aaron Rodgers stirs controversy with latest move against corporation's sunscreen propaganda

Everything Aaron Rodgers says or does is noticed. That's why his roughly hour-long "Pat McAfee Show" segments every Tuesday go viral. He will say something football fans would like or dislike.

After discussing immunization, darkness retreats, and ayahuasca, he's discussing sunscreen.

How does Rodgers view sunscreen? Former NFL offensive tackle Russell Okung tweeted.

Like Okung's tweet suggests Rodgers agrees that sunscreen firms make people fear the sun. The scientific knowledge about the skin's impacts from intense solar radiation makes that debatable.

The fastest Achilles injury recovery was four months in NFL players.

After an innovative surgery that allowed him to simulate quarterback drops and make throws within two months, Aaron Rodgers is hoping to break that record.

Will he play for the Jets this season? Six regular season games remain, possibly more if they make the AFC playoffs. However, the Jets' QB room is a shambles without him.

Zach Wilson hasn't improved in three NFL seasons. He was benched for Tim Boyle after six touchdowns and seven interceptions. Boyle's start against the Dolphins yielded 179 yards and two interceptions.

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