AFC guard change? Same old Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson.

More than half a century ago, The Who released their anthemic rock-and-roll statement, which was published shortly after the National Football League and the American Football League combined in 1970. 

But it did take place. Wednesday. A time when we were duped.

The Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, who will soon be able to make room in his trophy case for a second league MVP award, was supposed to finally make it to the Super Bowl this year.

This was supposed to be the year that he finally made it to the Super Bowl, four years after leading a record-setting, top-seeded team into the AFC playoffs before the team collapsed in the divisional round. 

When I was given the responsibility of predicting the outcome of the AFC championship game, I was one of eight staff members from USA TODAY Sports who unanimously predicted that the Ravens would win. This level of anti-Chiefs unanimity was somewhat remarkable.

Nevertheless, after the elite quarterbacks competed against each other at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore? Despite the fact that they are both excellent, 

 might they be considered the most important talents of the current generation of quarterbacks? Simply the same Jackson. And Mahomes, the same old guy.

The latter adapted by throwing short passes on Kansas City's first possession, which resulted in a touchdown drive that lasted 86 yards and ran for ten plays. 

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