Angel Reese calls out hypocrisy over Quinn Ewers, Ja Morant celebrations

Texas quarterback Quinn Ewers appeared to perform the same outstretched-arm celebration as Grizzlies star Ja Morant did last week, with some critics accusing Morant of making a gun gesture 

after returning from a 25-game suspension for flashing a gun in an Instagram video for the second time.

Reese, the LSU women's basketball standout who was entangled in her own celebration scandal with Iowa's Caitlin Clark during the NCAA championship game in April, responded to a photo comparing the responses of Ewers and Morant to the Barstool X account.

The Twitter account posted the following: "Quinn Ewers is having fun," as well as "Ja spraying imaginary bullets into section 113 after the slam."

Reese famously insulted Clark during the championship game, mimicking Clark's "you can't see me" hand gesture from the Elite Eight before pointing to her ring finger as LSU won the national championship.

Many people chastised Reese for the gesture, which ESPN's Stephen A. Smith said at the time was motivated by race.

"We all know that there's a white/black issue here, because the fact of the matter is when Caitlin did it people were celebrating it, and they were talking about nothing but her greatness,"

"But the second a sister stepped up and threw it back in her face, you've got half the basketball world saying, [mockingly], 'Well, that's not the classiest thing to do.'" 

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