As renowned NFL defensive tackle Deion Sanders joins Colorado's coaching staff, he shows excitement: "The kids love him"

Warren Sapp has been named the Colorado Buffaloes' 2024 head coach, according to Deion Sanders.  

Following a disastrous first season, the legendary NFL defensive tackle will return to the Colorado football program. 

Coach Prime showered Sapp with compliments during a recent visit on the Rich Eisen Show.  

The NFL legend also disclosed the cheesy meeting place where the entire defensive line convened. 

"He is adored by the children. God, they really do adore him. The D-linemen light up like Christmas trees when they see him," Sanders continued.  

"And one of the most breathtaking scenes I've witnessed is when, one day after practice,  

he just came here to kick it and came here to see me, and he was in the hot tub because his body is still bruised as well. 

One person did it at first. When I looked down there thirty minutes later, he was holding court and the entire defensive line was in the hot tub," he continued. 

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