Ryan Minor, who replaced Cal Ripken after record streak, dies aged 49. 

Former Oklahoma two-sport standout and MLB player Ryan Minor died Friday aged 49 of cancer. 

He is famous for replacing Cal Ripken Jr. in the lineup after Ripken broke MLB's consecutive-game record with the Orioles in 1998. 

Minor excelled in basketball and baseball at Oklahoma for four years. Basketball player Minor was third-team All-America and Big Eight Player of the Year in 1995.  

He played two seasons with the Oklahoma City Cavalry in the Premier Basketball League after being picked by the Philadelphia 76ers in the first round. 

Minor was selected by the New York Mets in 1995 and the Orioles in 1996 after playing for Oklahoma in the 1994 College World Series.  

Minor made his big league debut with Baltimore in 1998, replacing Ripken at third base when his 2,632-game streak ended on Sept. 20, 1998. 

The former Sooners great was inducted into the 2024 Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame. 

After playing with the Montreal Expos in 2001, Minor retired in 2005 after playing for independent clubs. He later coached minor league baseball, notably for the Orioles. 

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